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Busted through the Plateau???

Crossing my fingers on this one, but I think that I've FINALLY busted through my plateau!!!

It has literally been months.

I wasn't consciously working on it during our vacation, other than to be mindful of what I ate. We did some golfing and some walking, but nothing hard core.

We've been home for two weeks, and today I am down 4lbs from when we got back! (My weight didn't fluctuate at all during the trip, or much at all during the last six months)

I hope that this is the beginning of the next phase!!

Just excited to finally see some results - wanted to share!

Have a great Sunday!
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Re: Busted through the Plateau???

  • Thanks - I hope so too. It makes it easier to hit the machines or do another workout once you start to see results again. I was getting seriously frustrated with the whole thing - it has literally been six months since I've seen a change on the scale (other than a pound or two of water weight). But another post here was talking about the body needing about six months to adapt to a lower weight before it can start losing again makes perfect sense, and might actually be happening in my case.

    Crossing my fingers and lacing up my sneakers for another productive week! Will also start reviewing weight workouts to add them back into my routine again.

    Hope everyone else is having a good weekend, and WOW kwitherington, your final countdown is on now! Enjoy every minute, and find one evening to sneak away with your sweetheart for a dinner for two - no wedding talk allowed!
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