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Anyone tried nutrition 53? results?

I just got the shake tub today and I am super excited ;)

Has anyone tried it? 
I got the Nutrition 53 Lean meal replacement in vanilla :)
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Re: Anyone tried nutrition 53? results?

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    Have I not seen you around here?  I recognize you from somewhere, I thought it was here.  Apparently not though, because if you've hung around at all, you'll know how the regs here feel about that kind of stuff.

    Sure, you might lose weight while you're on it, but what do you think happens when you stop and go back to eating actual food?

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    That stuff contains a bunch of sugar and caffeine.  Yuck.  Definitely not a long-term solution.  I'm not 100% anti shake/supplement but I think that's exactly what they should be... supplements to an otherwise healthy and balanced diet.  great for those who need to sneak a little extra protein or vitamins in their diet but not a replacement for real food.  And even then, these specific shakes seem to have a lot of crap in them.  Just be careful.  The caffeine level is a tad high so you'll probably want to watch any other caffeine intake.

    Also, that company was founded by Bill Romanowski.  Dude was a major HCG and steroid user to the point that he 'roid-raged multiple times and one time busted up another FB players eye socket with his fist multiple times.  I certainly wouldn't take ANY kind of health and fitness advice from him.

    J: I've seen her here and on SB on occasion.
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