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I wanted to do this on my own but I have decided instead to get some professional help. I am much more motivated when I have someone telling me what to do.

I am doing a medical weight loss thing, all the do is give you a couple of injections, tell you your diet and exersize routine, and tah-dah you lose weight.

I tried to be stronger but I caught myself cheating this week eating a combo meal from Sonic... I need something that will actually work, I need professional help.
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  • Why injections?

    Aside from medical need, most people just need to watch their diet and add in exercise.  injections sound risky and unnecessary.
  • I'm with Anna on this - why do something risky when plain ole eating right and exercise will get you the same results (only longer lasting)?

    Diets don't work. Changing your lifestyle does, and will even allow for the occassional treat. But eventually the junk you're craving now won't taste as good because you've gotten used to putitng real, good food into your body.

    Are you active?

    Eating less processed foods, watching your calorie intake and getting some physical activity in each day will go a long way to reaching your goal.

    What is your goal, BTW? I see your pounds lost/to go ticker, but WHY do you want this? Knowing that is as important as the steps you take to get there.
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  • soo.. someone gave you a meal plan and exercise routine? 
    Ya know what also does that... 
    Men's FItness

    Any other fitness magazine.. I know crazy fit women that this is all they do.. Each month is a new routine based on something they pick out of a magazine. 

    Are the injections you're getting vitamin B ? If so, it's not a bad thing if you tend to be deficient in your B vitamins.. other than that I can't think of a good injection to get for health reasons.. hmmm... 
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    Care to describe your medical weight loss plan a little more in depth?

    I did medical weight loss 5 years ago and my plan consisted of fake protein meals (pouches of different powders that you mixed with water and protein bars made with no all natural ingredients) for a total of 700 calories a day and then exercise (lots of it) in addition to the severely restricted calorie intake. They tested my blood once a month to make sure I wasn't "doing damage" to myself. 

    I lost 90 lbs...but it wasn't a good thing. My health overall deteriorated (my hair thinned significantly and I've since developed major health problems like my autoimmune disease)...and guess what? That 90 lbs didn't stay gone for long. Over the course of a year, after I started eating real food again, I gained almost all of it back.

    I know it sounds like a magical cure and an easy way to shed pounds, but it is REALLY not worth it. I know it also sounds reliable because they put the term "medical" in front of it, but trust me when I say that the hospital I went through was getting monetary kick-backs for selling the "protein foods"....the reason I actually stopped was because I found a different vendor that supplied the same exact crap for half the price and I was kicked out of the program because I wasn't purchasing through them. All they care about is their profit margin...not what the negative consequences might be to you.
  • yeah...if you are looking for someone to tell you what to do I am pretty bossy-I'll send my banking info your way so you can pay me for it. I'll make sure to send you all the recent pseudo science clippings I can find to also get you to sign up for my own line of vitamins that will restore your youth, shed fat make your eyes brighter  skin glow and give you the psychic ability to pick winning lotto numbers all from the comfort of your couch! no movement required....

    ok that was mean, but seriously
    the other comments  here are right, you can get exercise routines anywhere and if its a food plan you need try a free site like - if its staying accountable thats the problem join our daily accountability threads on here.
    Good luck to you
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