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Spanx/shapewear recommendations?

I have never worn any kind of shapewear and wonder if anyone has any recommendations. Does it really work?

I don't want to lose any weight because I am already thin and it will make my arms and face look too thin, but I want my stomach to be sucked in. It always just looked like it pokes out a bit because I have small breasts (think of Kate Hudson who is gorgeous but who has that issue).  I bought a cheaper version and it didn't do anything, so I am looking for the Spanx brand recommendations.

Re: Spanx/shapewear recommendations?

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    How long till the wedding? Instead of spanx maybe pilates? Builds your core so it holds itself in :). Ticker
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    I am personally anti-spanx.  I just don't see how they can be safe to wear. 

    Any belly bulge is usually diet related.  Would you be up for changing the diet and adding something like pilates rather than a quick fix?

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    I have never worn them and don't know if they are good for you or not. My sister in law says they are great though and smooths things out.
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    Lobsters, what do you mean, you don't see how they could be safe?

    Everything the light touches is my kingdom.
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    Macys has a brand similar to spanx that I have a pair of and they are amazing! I feel so much better in my dresses if I have them on and it makes everything smooth out. From what your describing you want I think a good pair like macys brand or actual spanx will do it.

    I also am not sure what you mean by not safe? They do less then a corset does in terms of slimming you down and women have been wearing those for centuries
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    I agree - shapewear is awesome.  I bought a strapless slip-style to wear under a snug bridesmaid dress a couple of weeks ago and it was the best $50 I've spent on apparel in a while.  I got it at JC Penney, so it was a brand other than Spanx - maybe Maidenform? Don't recall.  Anyway, it is awesome.  I have no clue why anyone would think they aren't safe - they aren't that tight!!  I loved it because it stayed in place way better than a strapless bra while holding up and padding the girls, plus smoothed the stomach/hip area.
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