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Motivating OTHER people?

I know multiple people who would like to lose weight but when I suggest going for a walk they all make excuses. Yes, people have busy lives but if you wanted it bad enough, you'd spend 20 minutes just walking and chatting with a friend. How else can I approach the situation or at least motivate myself to keep helping them? It has gotten to the point where I don't want to bother asking but at the same time, they continue to complain/vent to me about their weight and so I do want to help. 

EDIT: And they have asked me to help before. (i.e. make sure I don't eat too much at the party, or make sure we go on walks this summer, etc.)

Re: Motivating OTHER people?

  • Seriously, I'd just leave them alone.  Motivate by example.  Some people are just really not ready to make changes in their life even if they have said they are.  They may say they want to be thin or fit, but I find that most want you to wave a magic wand and just make it so.  They don't want to actually work for it.

    I use to be one of those people.  They'll come around when it's right for them.
  • I agree with PP.  They need to motivate themselves and then go to you for support/help.  A lot of people will complain and ask for help before they are actually ready to take any action.
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  • Yep. Totally not your responsibility that they lose weight. They'll get on it when they find motivation. YOU can provide enough motivation to actually do anything. 

    Anytime people change because of someone else, it's not authentic. They need to do it for themselves.
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    There are "stages of change", and those people sound like they're in the "contemplative" stage. They know they need to make a change, they know they WANT to change, but at this point they have more reasons NOT to make a change than reasons TO make a change (whether they're good reasons or not is irrelevant). Keep up what you're doing, and when they are ready to take those first steps to changing their lifestyle be there to give advice and encourage them
  • Thanks ladies for all the advice. I hope you're having a wonderful holiday weekend! [: 
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