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So Fi is going crazy because the store he was assigned to for his new job is an hour away from home. He will be working 8am to 7pm  which equals 7am to 8pm with drive included.... I work 8 to 430 and I have a 20 min drive.
I swear I have a gym question... Bear with me. 

I went to tour a gym today because I am a research type A kind of person. Talked to them, went over price.. looked around. My house to the closest gym by me is 10 min or 20 min to the one by work. Work is 7 minutes from the gym location. If I get a membership, I can do any gym, unlimited guest passes for whoever, whenever and all cardio machines have tv's on them. Its 21.68 per month for one year. Do I do it? He will be working so much, I see myself going to pass time. 

The gym is YouFit. Anyone heard anything good or bad about it? Tried it? Any feedback?

If I do the membership, its giving up 3 meals of eating out, 5 starbucks trips or one weekend date night and staying home with Fi.  

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Re: Gym info / Question / Advice

  • Never heard of the gym, but that's a good freakin deal!  What's the cancellation policy if you hate it?

    Reading your trade-offs at the end - only you and FI can decide which one seems like a bigger sacrifice.  If going out is going to be your and FI's only real down/relaxing time given his new work schedule and commute - maybe it needs to be a discussion for the two of you.  Maybe he'll need that time out with you, or maybe he'll be too tired after a long drive and not really want to go out as much anyway.  See how he feels after he starts.
    H and I gave up almost all of our date nights for other things and bills, but we're homebodies anyway. 
  • Honestly Nike, how could you NOT take it?

    He's going to be working, you're committed to making a lifestyle change (and are doing awesome with it - btw), and that price is crazy! I'd jump at a chance to do something like that!

    I've never been to a YouFit, so I can't comment on what it's like. I will say that if it's super busy, I'd get frustrated waiting on equipment, so I'd try to go during 'off' hours.

    Good luck!
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  • Well I want to pack my lunch and I dont need coffee... Just like it but I can get it free at work so that would cover the cost. It wouldnt cut into Fi and my time or our funds for date night if I bring lunch and cut out starbucks.

    Cancellation for the membership is none. I pay 21.68 per month for 12 months. After that, its month to month, cancel anytime after 12 months.

    Jenny, thanks. I am trying to see if they will give us a one day pass and so we can go a few different times in one day and see how busy it would be at the times we went. I wen ton my lunch break about 12ish and it wasnt busy at all.

    Working out at home isnt working... I dont have motivation to do it because pups cant walk on a leash for another week and I need to do something more than walking every night. Hes not home so I want to sit. If I skip the house and go straight to gym, I wont want to sit and not get up.

    I need to talk to him when he gets home tonight... Just wanted outside opinions.

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  • Sounds like you've got your answer nike! :)  Hope the convo goes well and enjoy the gym! :D
  • Lobster, your right. I think I just suck at giving unbiased opinions when its something I want.
    I dont think he will mind since he wont be home.

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  • Guys, I got you on the dog thing. Mine is tiny but he loves to climb up me and licks anything he can reach!! Wierdos!!!

    They do but only for one location. The one by work... to get multiple locations, I need to do the 12 month. No classes but im okay with that. I just cant sit at the house because I dont get back up... I think if I try the one month at one location, see how much I use it and then think about the 12 month with more options on places to go.

    Good idea Kwith!!!!!!

    I am thinking half hour lunch strenght and 1 hour cardio after work. or vise versa.... IDK

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  • I feel you all on the dog thing too. I tried to do my KB swings at home once and Griswold thought it was some crazy game and kept trying to catch it. Sorry puppy, that will break your face if you don't move. And his favorite thing in the morning is to lick the sweat off my face while I attempt to log my workout into MFP. Makes it super easy, for sure. 
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  • In Response to <a href="">Re: Gym info / Question / Advice</a>:
    [QUOTE]Wanna a funny dog and working out video? This is FI jumping rope and Aries going BSC :-) [URL= <a href="]View" rel="nofollow">]View</a> My Video[/URL] And if that doesn't work: <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>
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  • No gym.
    Fi threw the no money thing in my face because of wanting to save for the wedding....

    I am hoping the girl who went with me will get it and I can use her guest pass and I can drive and pay for gas.

    IDK now.... Darn Fi for using my arguement against me.

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  • Nike - maybe it's not a "right now" thing, but you should also look into community centers and what not that offer fitness classes. It might be significantly cheaper and still a way to get some activity outside of the house.

    To be honest, I would seriously consider prioritizing health over wedding costs, because your health impacts you for the rest of your life. Just something to consider...
  • Entro, I get what your saying. I got on Fi last weekend because I want to get married and we are doing nothing for saving money or trying but one week later I go to him about wanting to spend 250 a year for a gym membership. I am going to do the 10 a month for one gym for the first month and if I like it want to contiunue, bring up the conversation again.

    I didnt think of community centers either. I will look into that this weekend and see if there is anyone around me.
    Thank you for that

    Getting Hitches 08/09/2014

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