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Wedding Dinner (not a reception)

I am planning a wedding, but do not want to spend too much on the whole production as that is not me. I am not a traditional person, so I dont want a traditional wedding ceremony & reception deal. We will get married at city hall and then I want to have a nice wedding dinner after that. Family only and very small, 30 ppl tops.
I am thinking a restaurant, in a private banquet room with a bit of  room to dance, music on a CD (Sinatra of course), and such... small and classy. I dont think restaurants charge you for the private room, just food so that would be perfect. No big production and no big money. 
Last year I had a work christmas party at III Forks and it was very nice and fancy in one of their private rooms. My question is what are some other places like III Forks in Dallas area that offer private dinning rooms and that would be nice for a wedding dinner? I would like something fancy, just dinner and maybe MODERN decor. Any help with this would be great!!!!

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    You should try open table. My fiance and I use that site when we want to make dinner plans at a new place, and I think they have a link to nicer restaurants offering larger group/special event dining.

    I did a friends 30th at Maggiano's and they had a never ending family style for I think $30 a person and were willing to waive the private room fee if we hit $1000 minimum.
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