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Three months out - Cardio vs. Weights

As it gets closer to the wedding, is it more important to focus on intense cardio or weight workouts?  Up until this point, I have had a lot of variety in my workouts - running, kickboxing, spinning, yoga, and the body for life weights plan (upper body days and lower body days.)  Just wondering if I should focus more on one than the other until the wedding to get "the most bang for my workout buck (ie: time.)  Thanks!

Re: Three months out - Cardio vs. Weights

  • I would focus on strength training but do a cardio warmup first.
  • Hey we're getting married around the same time! And our workouts sound freakishly similar too! I am definitely feeling the crunch of the three month mark

    When I am tight on time, I will be concentrating on strength training, personally. I still am getting in my cardio but if I only have a 20 to 30 minute window, I'll be hitting the weights. While cardio may burn more calories in that 20 minutes, weight lifting raises your metabolism for a longer period of time after you stop working out (so I've read). Plus building muscle raises your resting metabolic rate, which is great!

    I am going to keep up my Vinyasa yoga (addicted) and kickboxing though because I love them both so much for very different reasons. :)

    Good luck!

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  • Actually research shows that strength training burns more calories than cardio.  I recently read that if you have a limited amount of time you are better off lifting weights rather than doing cardio.  What you said you were doing sounds great though.  A variety of workouts will keep your muscles confused and you will see more results.
  • I love that you switch it up! I do the same :)

    Maybe continue doing what you're doing, but add to it? I have a little over 4 months til my wedding, and I am really shaking it up with weights, cardio and a combination of the two :)

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  • I do both. I did not change anything just for the wedding in terms of exercise routine. Mind you I am running more often than I normally would and watching what I am eating more now that I am 3 months away. 
  • I am about 1.5 months out.  A couple weeks ago someone else asked this same question.  Because of all the responses to it I actually learned that my cardio, water intake and calorie counting was not enough.  I needed to start doing weights.  FI has been training me the last two weeks.  Before I started with weights I still couldn't fully zip up my dress.  As of yesterday (only 4 strength training workouts later) I could zip my dress up perfectly.

    My point is it has already worked so tremendously and quickly.  Also I'm not sure how often you should switch up what you do (I think its every 4 weeks) but you need to remember to change your exercises after a while to trick your body.

    I really don't want to overwhelm you I just wouldn't want you to know about this tip and after 4 or 5 weeks wonder why it's not working as quick as it was.

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  • Just curious, what types of weight training is best a few months before the wedding?
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