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Armpit bumps... yuck!

While I guess this isn’t a get-in-shape question, per say, I was wondering… is there a way to get my armpits more smooth? I do shave but I feel like my armpits are more bumpy than most girls. Please help. Thanks!

Re: Armpit bumps... yuck!

  • Are they shaving bumps?  I used to get bumps in my armpits but they were beneath the skin and not visible so I'm thinking that is not what you are talking about.  I'm wondering if your bumps are due to shaving.  Do you use shaving cream/gel when you shave?  Do you exfoliate (maybe the bumps are in-grown hairs??).
  • I think that a deoderant that's more hydrating might help.  Dove claims to help elminate stubble.  I use Dove, but I do it because I like the smell!  (and I guess it does help keep my pits soft)
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  • I exfoliate my pits with my face scrub. Take a little, scrub a little, rinse it off. Shave. Then tada! Nice exfoliated pits that feel smoother.
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  • i use an epilator... painful as hell the first couple times but then it just stops being painful at all! 
  • I second the epilator! I highly recommend getting a bit drunk the first couple of time though, they're a real killer (I'm serious, have a couple of drinks and it's MUCH easier).

    I really like Dove's new shave-minimizing deodorant in the pink container. Combined with waxing or epilating, it's as if you've never had hairy pits in your life..
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  • Take a couple of ibuprofen and then get them waxed about an hour later.
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