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Getting in Shape

Motivation Issues

Alright, people, I need your help!  Since I have started trying to loose weight and get healthier, I have lost around 55 pounds.  My FI and I started this whole thing together before even considering getting married, and have both done well.  I had my ups and downs, and so did he.  He's met his goal weight, so now he is just trying to tone the loose skin, but I've hit a wall.  I have 10 lbs to go until goal, and it is HARD.  I track what I eat (DIY Weight Watchers) which enables me to maintain, but I still need to be losing.  I find it really hard to not give into my sweet tooth (I trully think I am addicted to sugar) and when we get rid of the sugar, either more shows up or I turn to other foods.  I am a muncher, so if there is ANY kind of food in the house, I will eat it.  FI trys to help, and sometimes it works, but other times I just don't care and if he keeps pushing, I get annoyed, and that makes it worse (emotional eater). 

Does anybody have any ideas on what I could do to find my motivation again?  All I need is something that nags in the back of my head that will keep me from giving into the food cravings.  I've done it before, so I know it works, but none of my previous methods are doing it for me. 

Re: Motivation Issues

  • All I can say is try to remember exactly why you decided to try to lose weight in the first place. here are probably a lot of reason- vanity, health, etc, but try to be really specific. For me, it started with vanity as I didn't want to feel mad at myself for being unhappy with how I looked in wedding pictures- it has become more- I want to me a healthy mom in the future, I want to be proud of how I look and feel good about my efforts and myself. I want to be healthy and live until I am 105 with my FI.

    55 pounds is an amazing accomplishment, if you need a break from trying to lose, and want to just maintain- let yourself! Give yourself a few weeks and look and FIND your motivation again. Asking for insight is a great step and is proof you are ready to get on it! Others might have diet and exercise tips on how to get past the wall, this is a great supportive board so listen to them!

    Good Luck!
  • 55 pounds is amazing!! Congrats on your accomplishment sofar!! :)

    Are you doing any new or extra exercises with your dieting?  Part of why you can't finish off those last few pounds may be because you've been adding some muscle, which inch for inch weighs more than fat.  That's my only issue with WW, they don't take that into account (I have to remind my mom of this every few months when she gets frustrated with them).  

    I've tried the Crystal Light packets and things like them to sweeten up my water, an idea may be next time you have a sugar craving try one of those, and almost everyone could use more water! :)  And it help control the munchies a bit. Don't deny yourself ALLyour cravings though, it'll just make you unhappy and frustrated, just limit yourself.  Do you have a honeymoon destination planned?  That's my motivation right there... ack!! bathing suits!! ;)

    Good luck! :)
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  • 55 pounds is an amazing acheivement.

    I keep sugar free gum around, and allow myself a piece of dark chocolate before bed. Just keep to the 10% rule where 90% good calories 10% bad and you'll be good.

    I also believe in exercise exercise exercise.

    Green tea also helps keep my cravings down.

    If you are exercising remember 10 pounds could be muscle. I've reccently come off a broken leg and I'm about to start full throttle training for a half ironman. I have run several races this spring, and continued the swimming I was doing while down and out. I've also picked up about 3-5 pounds reccently and was pretty upset about it but my fiance told me that im leaner my muscles are bigger and that weight's not coming off because its healthy. He's correct in that my legs and arms are both already in inseason condition, my belly is almost there. I will be a power house in the fall in this race at my leanest and meanest ever. The point though is that some weight is muscle, go by how your clothes feel and inches not always the scale.

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  • It's not a muscle replacing fat thing because I haven't really been exercising, unless you count dance classes twice a week.  I know that exersice would take off those last few pounds, but that's also part of what I'm lacking motivation for... Today was a good day, though, so I'll just have to do it one day at a time.  I'd never hear of the 90/10 rule, so I'll have to give that a shot, as well.

    Thank you all for the support!
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    Thanks for the tips!
  • I work at a college that has a gym, so I keep the gym schedule tapped next to my computer and I also keep a workout log, both on my fridge and next to the gym schedule at work.  It is nice to see the reminder and I don't want to see too many blank days on my workout calendar. During my cardio workouts, I use the free app "Runkeeper" to track the distance/time/calories burned for my cardio workouts. It tracks how many activities you complete each month, as well as the total miles and calories burned. I love it. I also use myfitnesspal.com (which is also free) BUT I run into the problem of seeing extra calories available for the day and end up over eating at night. My wedding is only 6 weeks away and I've hit a wall too. Hope these help you and I will keep reading for more motivation for myself.
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