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Workout Accountability: Friday!

It's Friday! Yeah!

I did a pilates dvd last night. It was pretty low impact and I like the breathing exercises at the beginning and end.  Tonight I'll lift and maybe do the elliptical.  I may have to cut the cardio short since FI and I are driving back to our hometown tonight for the weekend.  We have a meeting with our priest tomorrow morning and then our menu tasting at night!  I cannot wait for the tasting!

What's everyone else up to this weekend?
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Re: Workout Accountability: Friday!

  • Last night I did my body works class which is liftin dumbbells and doing squats for about an hour, and my arms are nice and sore!  

    I am going to a 9:15 spin class this morning!  Then maybe walking on the treadmill for a little while (probably walking haha) 

    I'll be doing cardio this weekend as I've done a lot of strength training during th eweek.  
  • Got a really good workout in last night - 40 minuites on the elliptical (upped the overall resistance), and 25 minutes of weight lifting (added additional weight to a few of the machines). Worked up a great sweat and felt amazing after.
  • Quick 50 min cardio work out this morning. My legs are a little sore from spin yesterday so it was a lot of effort to get through 50 mins. I was going to go to the gym tomorrow as well because I know I won't get there again until Tuesday but I'm worried I'm doing more bad than good if I need a day off.

    Jude - Sounds like you have a great weekend planned! How exciting!! Good luck with everything.
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  • Did the elliptical for 30 minutes and a few sets of crunches.  Not sure what I'll be able to do tonight - going with a friend so she can try on wedding dresses, and I can try on bridesmaid dresses!  Probably will end up doing the 30 day shred today.

    This weekend, DH and I are going over to his aunt's house.  The girls in the family will be making shirts for our cruise next weekend, and the guys will just be chilling.  Other than that, I"ll be cleaning up the house and workint out.
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  • I did a 5 mile run last night with the running group.  Today is a much needed rest day, as I'm supposed to run 15 miles tomorrow.  Marathon in 7 weeks!!!
  • Nice job everyone!

    maribeth: Thanks!  We're from upstate NY too!

    athlete: sounds like a fun weekend!

    Medi: Good luck on your run tomorrow, is the toe any better?
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  • I didn't have a chance to work out last night and I wont tonight either.  I've been eating pretty healthy so that's good at least!
  • Good job everyone!  I did yoga last night and it was great.  Every time I do the class now, I notice that my flexibility is improving.  Also, I'm able to do some of the harder moves now. :)

    I hope everyone has a great weekend!
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    [QUOTE]Nice job everyone! maribeth: Thanks!  We're from upstate NY too! athlete: sounds like a fun weekend! <strong>Medi: Good luck on your run tomorrow, is the toe any better?
    </strong>Posted by heyjude23[/QUOTE]

    Meh, not really :(  I spent a little quality time last night with a bucket of ice water & a glass of wine- so it's feeling a little better today!

    ETA- have fun with the tasting!  Sounds awesome :)
  • I haven't ever responded to one of these threads, but I need to start using these since I'm only 92 days from my wedding.  :)

    Last night I did 45 minutes of yoga followed by an hour of Zumba.  Thursday night is mega workout night for me.  Resting today. 

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  • Maribeth, if you're worried about doing harm, why not just do some walking on the treadmill.  It'll get your  heart rate up, but won't be too rough on your body.  It's good that you know your limits though!  

    Keep up the good work girls!!  
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