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Workout Accountability: Thursday

Good morning!

Last night I ran 6 miles, so I'm a little sore today.  It's laundry night tonight, so that means an at-home workout for me.  I'll be doing pilates and getting some good stretching in. 

How did you all do? 
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Re: Workout Accountability: Thursday

  • I went to taco bell yesterday.  I did bad.  But, I did stay under calorie count, so that has to account for something (couldve been worse).  I did 30 minutes on treadmill in the morning (my usual) and then an extra 30 minutes because of the taco bell.  my FI did point out that I am a sucker for taco bell and I have SIGNIFICANTLY lowered my intake of fast food and fried food, and that it's okay to slip up every once in a while as long as you stay on track and don't focus. 

    I'm going to the gym tonight for one of my favorite classes- Body Works.  Fast past dumbell lifting, which I'm starting to get less sore at (so time to up the dumbbell weights). I'm also having a 1,000 calorie day, which means slim fast for lunch!  =)

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