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Workout Accountability: Friday!!!!

It was a short week, but I'm super happy to see Friday today!

Yesterday my food was SUPER on track - though I ended up being at net 800 calories for the day (only way to meet my weekly calorie goal really). Made it to the gym and got some stretching done and 45 minutes on the elliptical. I regret that I didn't fit in any weightlifting, and I can't do it today if I want to do pump tomorrow :-\

I can already tell my goal for next month is going to be more weightlifting!

Now you go - and as an added bonus what are your weekend/New Year's Eve plans?

Re: Workout Accountability: Friday!!!!

  • @clovester - feel better!!!  being sick is no fun, but it sounds like you're doing what you need to in order to get better!!

    @entropic - i'm impressed by your ability to adjust your caloric needs based on some holiday indulgence.  i've been stuck in the denial phase!  and i am also committed to increase my strength training, it seems like it's the first thing to get overlooked when my workout time gets crunched!

    yesterday i continued to lose my battle with christmas cookies.  but i woke up early this morning and did an extra workout (nothing huge, just 30 minutes of pilates) before work.  usually if i get some exercise in before and after work, i find that my eating falls in line.  so i'm hoping that'll do the trick.  i'm feeling more motivated at least!!  i'm hoping to get some time in at the gym this evening, but i promised my sister i'd go to the outlet stores too, so we'll see if i can squeeze it in!  if nothing else at least i'll get some walking in!

    Happy Friday to everyone, hope it's a good one (and hope it's not like me, where I'm nearly the only one at work so i'm covering WAY too many extra responsibilities, yikes!)!
  • oh, and as for my weekend/NYE plans...

    i'm laying low this weekend.  i am studying for my licensure exams which are fast approaching (jan. 24th).  and hopefully getting some workouts in.

    as for NYE, i'm generally not a fan of this holiday, due to some bad past experiences.  However, my fiance and i have gotten into the habit of staying in and cooking a really nice dinner.  so our best couple friend is coming over and we're cooking prime rib and lobster tail, mmm.  and probably just playing games and watching movies.  probably sounds dull but i've really come to love it!!
  • Ugh workout didn't happen yesterday and I was just a teensy bit over my cals... not much but still.  I have been feeling incredibly sluggish and tired for the past couple of days.  I've said elsewhere that I think it's a mix of the holiday traveling and being surrounded by sick people.  I've decided to have today be another "eff it" day.  I mean, my food is pretty on point, it'll just be if we go out for drinks that I will be slightly over.  I just want to relax my body one more day before my 3 miler tomorrow and 7 miler scheduled for Sunday.  

    NYE is probably going to be boring for us.  No one is doing anything besides going to incredibly expensive bar parties so we will most likely order some Chinese food and relax.
  • @Choagie - I'm a little amazed myself, normally I'd just say "oh well" and be over, but I guess the challenge is doing what it should and motivating me to be better. And your NYE plans sound amazing - my idea of a good time is dinner and game night!

    My new years plans aren't quite solidified yet. One of my friends is in a popular local band and they're going to be playing at a local microbrewery (loud, crowded and expensive...probably not going to happen). Other friends want to go to a dive bar and then walk to downtown to watch the ball drop (I sort of hate dive bars and walking 2 miles in the cold at night while wearing nicer clothing doesn't seem appealing). My last option is a party thrown by some friends I don't get to see very often - it will probably just be a chilll gathering mostly watching people play guitar hero...I see myself probably ending up here for the night :)
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    Hey all! My food has been on or below without workouts, which means that I'm undereating (no shock). Almost over the incredible exhaustion that has accompanied this flu, and am actually itching to get back at it. The snow looks great for cross country skiing, and I'm itching to go!

    DS goes back tomorrow and I'm sad. It's like he's afraid to like it here, so it'll be easier for him to leave, but he's so not used to being a part of a family now, that he's kind of unsure where he fits. I know it wouldn't take him long, but he's not willing. I'm not sure if it's guilt over leaving his dad alone or what. He's been getting along great with DD and FI, and has met some of the boys his age, but he's insisting that this will never be his home. Hurts. (But I'll throw that negative energy into my workouts again, once I'm good to go. One more fever free day ought to do it)

    NYE will likely be low key for us as well. Maybe have a couple over for dinner and just relax. I usually spend part of NYE reflecting on the past year and making my resolutions (yup, I'm one of 'them'). Helps me close the book on the last year and start over.
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  • My food was awful yesterday. I woke up and braved the snow to go to the gym, only to be turned away in the parking lot by campus security saying the gym was on a delay open due to the weather. So I trudged home and started shoveling in an attempt to get some calories burned. Then somehow FI and I ended up a huge screaming match (it was like 630 am at this point, what a way to start a day). And our agency closed for the weather, but one person had to be at central to answer phones and I got the shaft. So my day was ruined by 630 am and I basically said fuckit, ate all the cookies left in the office and didn't bother to do any better the rest of the day. 

    Today I got to the gym only to have my headphones die a half mile into my run. And there's nothing worse then the sound of your feet pounding away on a treadmill. So I gave up at the mile and went and lifted for 20 minutes before just conceeding. Needless to say, I've had a horrible week workout wise and it showed on the scale this morning. 
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  • @Cnf - man, that does sound like a streak of bad luck! I hope it gets better for you soon!
  • Hi ladies! Just signed onto the knot and saw that I am down to the single digits until my wedding day... 9 days away!  My shower is tomorrow and then I'm headed back to New Orleans for New Years and wedding time.  Not sure what we're doing for New Years as I'm flying in that evening.  Looking forward to a chill night with my fiance. 

    The altitude here in NM makes my workouts seem way more intense...I worked out this morning and a couple of other times this week, feeling like my arms will look good in my dress.  Not sure how it'll fit in the body as my last fitting was over a month ago so I may need a few last minute alterations. 

    Hope everyone's last few days of the year are great and Happy New Year!
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