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so my stepdad has the insanity workout and he gave it to me ... ive done some research on it and i now know why its called insanity ... 

i was just wondering if anyone has tried the insanity workout and how it really is? ... i was thinking of trying it ... 

Re: Insanity Workout

  • I've just started.

    I couldn't walk right for 2 days after doing the fit test.  I took a few days off, and did the first workout.  While it was HARD (I spent a water break laying on the floor thinking "Oh my god, I'm going to DIE.  Or puke.  Or DIE.  Yup....DIE.") I'm actually far less sore today (the day after) than I thought.  I think it's definitely doable.

    One thing to keep in mind--I'm already in fairly decent shape.  I'm healthy and uninjured.  It's very high impact, so if you have knee or ankle problems, or you're very much out of shape, it won't be a good starting workout for you--but definitely something to work your way up to.

    For reference, my HRM stats from the first full workout were:
    Ave HR: 167
    Max HR: 198 (very very high)
    Calories burned: 507

    And the total workout time including warm up and cool down and stretch was about 45 minutes for those stats.

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  • I use the Insanity workout.  It definitely takes commitment!  It is very challenging if you are not already active.  I wasn't when I started.  Thus, I had to postpone it and increase my activity level before trying it again.  Even then, it was still intense but my endurance had improved and is still improving as I use the DVDs.  It definitely gets results.  You will see a difference!

  • I'm so glad you posted this! I've heard a lot about it and am watching an infomercial... I would like to try it too.
  • My ex did Insanity when they were doing the trials for the info-mercial and to be in the actual video (he's in the info-mercial, didn't make the video). He was also sore, but saw amazing results, especially since they put the people on a strict diet

    It's REALLY hard. Definitely not for beginners. And I second the high-impact warning: not the best workout if you have sensitive joints (glucosamine & chondroitin supplements may help, but I digress). The key is to keep going, and to give yourself time to get better. I'm still working with 30 Day Shred and once I'm fully adjusted to that (and a few more Jillian Michaels videos), I'd like to move on to Insanity. It'd probably be post wedding for me b/c I'm afraid I'll lose too much weight and then my dress won't fit.
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    I do it!! I'm actually a beachbody coach. It's AWESOME but in fact, insane. I'm actually a beach body coach.

    So far i'm down 1.5 lbs and have 19 more to go. I use it with their meal replacment, Shakeology and it is quite effective.

    I find I have to modify a lot. Any mod suggestions would be welcome!

    Good luck!! :)
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    You are right about being tough on joints. I try an modify as much as I can. Sometimes it's hard to figure out what mods to do though :/
  • I absolutely love this workout.  I have just over one week left to complete the 60 days.  I am athletic and in shape to begin with and it was difficult for me at first.  I highly recommend completing an easier workout like Jillian's 30 Day Shred prior to starting Insanity.

    I also agree that it's tough on the joints.  I never had knee problems in the past, and I ended up tweaking something in my left knee while doing the Max Interval Plyo workout.  Nothing major, but I've been taking it easy with the jumping moves lately (not jumping as high and doing whatever I can to avoid twisting my knee).  I have had ankle issues in the past and my ankles have been irritated from this workout.  I'm working on strengthening them though.

    There are some moves that I physically can't do and have to modify.  My right shoulder dislocated years ago - long story short, I am missing a muscle in both shoulders.  I don't have problems with most workouts, but a lot of push ups and plank moves are hard on my shoulder.  If I get to a point during an Insanity workout where my shoulder isn't up to par, I grab my 10 lb dumbbells and do some lifting instead.

    I do plan on repeating the workout once I complete the 60 days.  However, I think I'll continue doing the Month 1 workouts only.  I actually found those workouts to be more effective.  The Month 2 workouts are very long and exhausting.  I give these workouts 100%, so by the time I'm 30-40 minutes in, I'm so exhausted that I can barely pick my feet up off the ground.  So I end up slacking a bit on the last 20-30 minutes.  (When I say slacking, I mean that I do it slower than I could and I feel as though my form is a bit off.)

    I also plan on buying Insanity Fast and Furious, which apparently is a SUPER intense 20 minute workout.  
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