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Not advice as much as support

Girls, I need support! I suffered a stress fracture in my foot (those of you who want to try the vibrams or barefoot running - BE CAREFUL). I've now been in a cast boot for a week, and have 5 weeks to go. Even once I get it off, I'm still going to be very limited in bringing back my cardio.

For the first two weeks, I'm not even allowed to swim, as I'm not allowed to take off the boot at all :(. All I've been able to do is some upper body lifting with my trainer.

I've already gained 2 pounds, so I think I'm going to bring back my bodybugg/gowearfit, because sitting around all day isn't burning any calories Frown (and I need to know how much to eat). I know I have to be super strict with my diet because of it, and it's so hard, because sitting at home all day (I've been just resting my foot as much as possible, so it will heal faster). 

Ugh, I don't need advice, as much as I need support right now. When I get the okay from my doctor, I plan to start swimming (with a leg floaty so I can just do arms), and restart my yoga practice. It's just such a bummer (and that's one thing I loved about my workouts, it gave me so much more flexibility when it came to eating Cry).

Re: Not advice as much as support

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    I'm sorry that you have to go through this!!! It is good that you are resting, your body needs it!! Just be patient and let your body heal. You will be back to your shape in no time. Don't deprive yourself too much, that is depressing!
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    Don't stress! How tall are you?I would not worry if you gained a couple of pounds. Just keep eating healthier than ever, you'll be okay. Good luck!
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    Thanks guys! Joy, I'm only 5'4" (so weight shows quickly), and also gained 40 pounds in just 6 months last year due to health problems :(. I also had another 10 pounds to lose, so 50 pounds total that I've been trying to lose. Ugh, such a bummer.

    I'm looking forward to when I'll get the okay from my doctor to do swimming/yoga, it's just so frustrated to feel so confined.

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    Could you do some light biking after it comes off? There's a lot less stress on the foot because your weight isn't coming down on it.
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