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Workout Accountability: Friday

Hey guys, I didn't see one started yet so I guess I'll get it going!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful start to their Friday!

Yesterday I only got a walk in with co-workers in the afternoon. I feel completely off track from working out, so today the first thing I'm going to do after work is go to the gym. I still have a lot of stuff to get done for the wedding but today my priority is exercise.

How is everyone else doing?

Re: Workout Accountability: Friday

  • Entropic: OMG!! 1 day!! you sound so level and calm in your post....I hope you have the most amazing wedding weekend :) You and lobsters better rush back to us with a couple of pics to show off all the hard work!

    Last night I did not get to run after all.  I am just exhausted after everything that has been going on and all the added  work at home and the office so last night around run time I full out said "piss on it"  I regret now but only a little. This weekend I will be back on the horse.

    To everyone here have a great weekend!
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  • I missed my cardio this morning - finally managed to get a cancellation doctor's appointment. I don't go to the doctor very often, thankfully I don't need to, but I've been anxiously trying to get my birth control renewed, and haven't been able to get an appointment. The next available one is in October, and they don't even open the books to schedule them until September, so I've been calling in for a cancellation. Today was my lucky day, but it meant missing this morning...

    Oh well, the day's not over yet. Wall construction is heavy lifting, and we've got two walls to go, and I might be able to fit in my cardio this evening, although I find that if I leave it until then, it sometimes doesn't get done.

    Not being a morning person is going to make it even tougher once I go back to work next week!
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  • Well, this is my first post on the accountability thread - I read everyday but haven't posted yet. I have no idea why!!

    This morning I did Week 2, Day 1 of C25k. I can definitely feel it in my legs! It's amazing what a difference jogging for 1:30 is, as opposed to 1:00. For someone like me, anyway!

    I'm also doing Bridal Bootcamp and that's I'll come back and post that.

    I just got a fitbit a few of weeks ago and it's really helping with how much I'm eating as opposed to how much I'm burning. I'm afraid I was putting myself into starvation mode and now that I'm eating more, I've lost 3 lbs.

    Good luck to all whose wedding are this weekend! How exciting!
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    Morning all!

    Entropic & Kwith - I can't believe how close you two are now :) good for you guys for not going crazy and still eating and exercising!

    Smlane - don't you love that feeling? It was like the heavens up opened when I realized I had to eat more to lose more weight!

    Today I'm going to do another C25K run today if the rain ever lets up! Good news is I weighed in today and I'm down another 0.8! Yay!
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  • In Response to <a href="">Re: Workout Accountability: Friday</a>:
    [QUOTE]jennylee, you might have mentioned this before, but what are you building?  Seems like you have a lot of construction going on - I'm assuming a house? - but wasn't sure.
    Posted by kwitherington[/QUOTE]

    FI and I just bought a house in June, but we're building a shed/garage. It's 20x24, so he says it's too small to be a garage, but is impressive as a shed. It's a place to store our snowmobiles/atv and an area for him to work on them as well. Last year we were in a small apartment with nowhere for him to fix things, and when it's -40C, it's too cold to do it outside!

    We've got three of the four walls raised now (taking a break, heading to the hardware store again etc), and should have the last one up this evening. We've built everything ourselves so far, including the rafters. We want to have it enclosed before we go back to work next week.

    This was yesterday's progress. The back wall is in place now.

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    I did 30 minutes on the elliptical last night and then 35 this morning and let me just tell you - this morning was absolutely TORTURE. usually it sucks for the first 2 or 3 minutes but then i really get going and don't have a problem. i felt like i was going to die the entire time today. it was terrible. and i was, of course, staring at the timer. ugh. at least i made it to 35 minutes. i may do some 10 minute trainer later this afternoon. 
  • I biked to work this morning but not sure I will be able to bike home.  My legs are very sore and we're supposed to be going hiking tomorrow.  

    Yesterday I went to happy hour with friends after work and treated myself to 2 glasses of wine which isn't too bad considering we had a nice big salad for dinner.  Made a yummy dressing from greek yogurt, safflower oil, rice wine vinegar and buffalo wing sauce. 

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  • Hey all. We did legs this morning and I couldn't do C25K because it was raining so I just did a regular short jog instead. H is trying to get the night off so we can finally have a date night. I'm really hoping his boss cooperates...
  • well... I got fired today... not before I burned another 1000 calories though.  I'm sorry if I actually CLEAN houses and it takes longer than those who breeze through and leave stuff untouched. It's called quality, not quantity. And some of us prefer to do it right the first time, even if it means taking longer, but without any idea my job was in  question, I got handed a pink slip when we finished for the day.


    Must not stress eat.  Must take out frustrations with cardio.  Must not freak out. -.-
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  • @pomundson0 I'm so sorry to hear that, it sucks to get punished for having a good work ethic.  hopefully things turn around for you soon!

    I'm late to the action today, and i've been really busy.  took a 4 mile walk and some "swimming" which was really more like lounging.  other than that not too much.  eating has been fantastic though since returning from vacation.  it's been whole and simple foods mostly and i feel really great about that.  tomorrow will be a rest day, then running Warrior Dash on Sunday!

    Hope everyone has a great weekend!
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