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I'm a curvy girl, size 12, but in no way do I consider myself obese. Never the less, ever since I got engaged all anyone asks me is what am I doing to lose weight for my wedding. I do belive in excercising and being healthy and that has helped me lose 10 pounds, but I did not do it to be thinner, I did it to feel better. To other people's surprise, I actually like the way I look! I do not need to be thin to be a beautiful bride. I found a great dress that flatters my figure, so I don't need to alter myself to get in it. I know that we all want to look our best in our special day, and if for you that means to shed a few pounds before the I Dos, then have at it. But don't let people's pressure make you feel like you need to fit into some kind of mold to be a bride. You will look beautiful because you will be happy and in love

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    Most definitely, it's important to be happy with your body.  Living a healthful lifestyle is a lot more important than numbers like dress size or weight, and the people who were asking you about losing weight for your wedding were just plain rude.  At 5'0" I'm never going to be tall, and I'm never going to have long legs, big boobs, or curvy hips because that's just not how I'm built.  But fiance loves how I look and his opinion is the one that really counts, even if he is biased :-)

    Besides, as far as wedding gowns go, you can't rely on sizes.  I'm a street size 4 petite.  The label on my wedding gown says it's a 12.  Go figure.
    Whoever said it was supposed to be happily ever after is a big fat liar.
  • Curvy is really over used. If everybody was asking ME about MY weight, I would take that a not so subtle hint that its time to ditch the "curvy" b.s and get in shape. But thats just me, I'm certainly not speaking for you or anybody else.
  • Good for you! As long as you're healthy I don't see any reason to try to drop weight. I've been engaged for 9 months now and have 0 desire to lose weight. Since I've moved in with FI though we are trying to establish healthy eating habits together and hit the gym regularly. I don't understand why some people are so set on being at their skinniest on their wedding day.

    I'm glad that you are so happy!
    June 16, 2012
  • I really hate it when people make comments to women about their weight like that. 

    There is something seriously disturbed about a society that doesn't appreciate curvy female figures. 

  • I myself am somewhere around 300 pounds *sighs* and plan to lose weight, but it's not FOR my wedding. It's for life. For feeling healthy and being able to run around with the kids I hope to have in a couple of years. For being able to lay in bed and not want to cry from my serious back pains. I want to be more active when I'm not at work and that means portion controlling my food and getting of of the couch. I don't want to be a skinny girl, because I love my curves. I was very happy when wearing size 12/14 jeans. I'm 5'6" so to me, that's my ideal size :)
  • Good for you!

    I would work out simply to be able to knock out the next person who said something dumb like that to me Wink
  • If they ask you that again, say "Gee, I don't know.  What are YOU going to do to lose weight for my wedding?"
  • You go girl!!!!Smile As long as you happy with yourself thats what counts the most.
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