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I just keep gaining more weight-Vent

So I went back to school last August and since then I've just been gaining weight. When I started school I was 120 lbs. Now I'm 134. I'm worried I'm going to keep gaining more weight. I've tried different diets but my weight just goes down to 131 and then bounces back up. I'm just frustrated. Any advice besides the obvious diet + exercise?

Re: I just keep gaining more weight-Vent

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    What are these 'diets' you speak of?

    Honestly, there really isn't a magical solution. Eat healhy (whole grains, lean protein, lots of veggies & fruit) and get active. Try logging your calories. A lot of people on this board use either or and it's free! It will keep you accountable. Make sure you're eating at least 1200 calories per day.

    What have you been doing for excercise? Weight-training is extremely important. It is the best way to reduce fat % and your body keeps burning calories from a weight-training workout longer than just steady cardio. But, just do something you enjoy so you stick with it!

    Just one last tidbit of advice- take body measurements. Waist, bust, hips, arms, legs, ect. The scale isn't the only, nor always the best, way to track your progress!

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  • Instead of trying different "diets", have you tried a balanced, healthy diet?  Most of the time, fad diets are only minimally effective, impossible to maintain, and could even ruin your metabolism.  If you focus on a sustainable, healthy lifestyle, you will probably be able to sustain a healthy weight.

    Many of us on this board like myfitnesspal or sparkpeople as food trackers.  It helps if you track everything you eat & drink so you can look back at it and note what your weaknesses are.  Maybe you're drinking 3 venti white mochas every day, which probably adds up to a ridiculous amount of calories.  Track for a few days, identify what could/should change, and make small changes to achieve your goals.

    As for exercise, of course you need cardio, but don't forget to mix in some weight lifting as well.  Lean body mass takes up less space than flabby tissue (so a person who is only 120 pounds but no muscle might actually be a larger size than a person who is a tone 130).  Lean mass also allows your body to burn more calories at rest.  Myfitnesspal will tell you how many cals to aim for each day, and you add in exercise to "earn" more calories.  Take measurements as well, since the number on the scals is not the best indicator of overall health.

    Good luck, you can do it!
  • OMG mbody- you typed it faster than I did- and it's pretty much the SAME thing!  Hahaha, we must be onto something here :)
  • Haha Medi! Love it!! I really like your example of a flabby 120lb vs. a toned 130lb person. Maybe I'll have to use that sometime. Of course, I'll give credit where credit is due! :)

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  • Ditto PP. Looking at the number on the scale is only one small dimension of being healthy and weight loss.  I've been working on getting in better shape for about a year now, and never had lots of pounds to lose in the first place.  Right now I weigh about 8 pounds less than I did a year ago, but I've gone down 3 pants sizes and lost 15 inches (total overall).  I've never measured body fat because I'm too cheap to pay anyone to do it, but I'm sure it's down as well.

    Also, keep in mind that weighing at different times of day and at different times of the month will change the number on the scale too.  Your body retains water at your TOM, and you'll always weigh less in the morning before you eat.

    And like medicapril said, venti white mochas and other coffee drinks have a shiitton of calories (900 in a starbucks venti white mocha, which is sad because it's my fave).

    Good luck!
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  • When I started grad school I ate out a lot more than cooking because of time and running from work to school. Is this the case for you? If so then you probably don't have as much control over what you're eating and that could be causing weight gain. Being aware of choices when eating out helps or bringing a sandwich, fruit, or granola bar etc can help.
  • Another former grad student here: In the early years, I was dealing with stress by eating ice cream and drinking socially. I gained fifteen ponds in the first year. I had to make some major changes (exercising regularly, no red meat, lots of whole grains) but I lost thirty pounds over my second and third years. It can be done! Five years later I am working to tone up for the wedding, but I am waaay healthier than I was then. My best advice, find a sporting activity that you love and/or a workout buddy. Good luck!
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