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The past two days..

I have eaten like it was going out ot style. I feel so sick. Just thought I would share...I need to get back on track!

Re: The past two days..

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    It happens, move past it and keep going. It was my birthday Saturday so there was some ice cream cake to be eaten, but now its back on track!
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    Well, at least it's a good sign that you're feeling sick (even though that sounds strange). That means your body likes it better when you eat healthy, so you can use that for some motivation! :-) Good luck getting back on track.
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    it's ok - i doubt in two days you did that much damage! just remember how crappy you feel now, and it'll prevent you (hopefully) from repeating. just drink lots of water to flush out all the whatever was in what you ate, and don't be too hard on yourself!
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