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Workout Accountability: Tuesday

Morning ladies!

Just got back from a short (unplanned) run after realizing just how bad last night's eating was.  After our RD wine tasting, it was on to onion rings, french fries, lobster roll, a mixed drink, and real ice cream...2300 calories total for the day. Blech!  
On a MAJOR upside, though I only ran about 1.65 miles, I ran the fastest pace I've been able to maintain for that time since I was probably about 12.  Wohoo!

I still have strech x to do later this morning, and healthy eating will be fully on track today.
FI gets here in just a few hours and we're supposed to splurge for lobster nachos after our final walkthrough tonight, so I think I'm going to keep myself to one or two, and then just eat a salad while he finishes off the rest.  My stomach was so not used to the junk yesterday that I know it won't do well with more garbage today.

Hope everyone had a good day yesterday, and thanks again for all of the well wishes (to me and scheff!) Have a wonderful day!

Re: Workout Accountability: Tuesday

  • Oh how I wish I could run! Knee problems make it dfficult for me. I tried earlier this spring, but only managed to do 3x a week for a month, and found it really difficult.

    Elliptical intervals coming up shortly, and maybe a short weight training circuit too - have to get back at it sometime! I want to get it done before the temp gets too hot, and we have company coming for supper tonight, so that means working out tonight it out.

    Have a great day everyone!
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  • I was successful with food yesterday and I lifted and did the stationary bike at the gym last night.  It was so nice to get back to the gym.
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  • Good morning!

    Yesterday I got a walk in with co-workers, then after work I forced myself to go to body combat. I was not feeling it, but I made myself finish the class.

    Today I'm feeling completely drained. I think it has something to do with being at net 1,000 calories yesterday. I seriously need to get better at planning for days I do classes or heavy cardio.
  • Morning!

    I hope everyone has been keeping up with all of their food/workout goals.  I've been off and on still.  I am having cyst removed (hopefully Friday) which they think might be the cause of some of my severe stomach pain.  With that said, the recovery is probably  a week or so of limited exercise so I'm trying to suck it up and get in workouts beforehand seeing as my wedding is under a month away.  I did a Body Rock Tv workout last night and I definitely feel it in my butt and thighs today.  

    Overall my eating has been pretty good which I'm thankful for because I shouldn't flucutate too much.  I just really want to be "toned" and I am hoping I don't have to wait awhile to lift, etc. 
  • Still on track with eating and activity...6 days down and 32 more to go. Started adding a Tae Bo express 10 minute workout before 30DS as some extra cardio. Checked the scale this morning and I'm down another 1/2 lb. I going to take my measurements tonight so I can track those as well.  
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    Mmmm...Lobsters your RD food sounds amazing!!! Jealous. Nice job on your run too!

    lbarr - I hope this is the answers to all the stomach problems you have been having! Now that you say that a coworker of mine was having similar issues last year and she ended up having a cyst the size of a golf ball removed. She has been better ever since. Good luck!

    @k I totally chowed some m&ms last night. It was a stress binge. Blegh. Hate when I do that. I feel your pain.

    My dog threw up again this morning :( I don't know what to do! She seems find for a few days and then gets sick again. I don't know how to help her. I called my vet again today but she hasn't called me back yet.

    The base my brother is on in Afghanistan had a rocket missle attack on it last night. Scary :( I hope he's ok, I emailed him this morning.

    I got in a great work out this morning. Ran for 30 mins and made it 3.30 miles! I felt so good I could have kept going but I had to leave to get ready for work. I also did about 30 mins of back and ab stuff this morning. We are having a birthday party for my grandpa tonight and I'm going to do my best to steer clear of the dessert and keep my eating in check. I've had way too big of a sweet tooth lately!
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  • Hey Ladies!

    I am fairly new to this board and have been lurking for some time!  I started really working out a few weeks ago so I figured I should start posting on this board!  Last night I was able to ride my bike and go for a jog and I did ok with food!

    Ibarr - I actually had a cyst removed about two months ago but I was attached to my ovary!  I instantly lost 10 pounds because the cyst was so big! Good luck with everything! I hope you have a speedy recovery!
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  • Thanks all!  Much appreciated :)

    Maribeth, did you try putting your dog on a bland diet?  You can do rice with a little bit of ground beef or buy Iams Low Residue (usually at vet clinics).  Those are pretty bland and not always recommended for long term but at least in the short term it might be helpful.
  • Morning ladies!

    This will be my last post before the wedding as I will be crazy busy the next few days. Eating has been on track, so I've just been maintaining. Thank you all SO much for all of the support the last few months. I really do credit this board with keeping me motivated! I love you guys for that!! :)

    Lobsters- That food sounds amazing, I'm so jealous haha. Enjoy the week and I wish you the very best Friday :) Congratulations lady, can't wait to see pictures!!! :)

    Lbarr- Good luck with the cyst removal! I hope that helps answer some questions you've had about your stomach issues. So frustrating...

    Mari- I'll be keeping your brother in my thoughts, I don't know how military families stay so strong I would be an absolute wreck. Thoughts and prayers girl!

    Have a great week everyone, speak to you next week :)
  • Morning everyone!

    Eating was good until dinner last night.. FFIL brought home Wok Box. So delicious. But still stayed within calories, so not too terrible.

    I really need to exercise. I haven't exercised in a week :S. I am starting to sleep poorly, my back's bugging me at night, and I KNOW it is because I haven't been running often enough. I WILL run tonight. I must.

    @Lobsters, good job on the run, and good job for enjoying that delicious RD food too!

    @Mari - Hope your brother and the others on the base are okay. I'll keep them in my thoughts & prayers too!

    @Scheff - Have a great time at the wedding! :D

    Have a good day everyone!
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    I tried white rice and boiled chicken for a couple days. Then she wouldn't eat her dog food ugh! She threw up this morning before I fed her so I mixed her food w/ some rice. I wonder if I should look into to switching her food. But she's almost 7 years old, she's been on this food for years, why would it just start bothering her now?

    Thank you Scheff and Sarah!! I really appreciate your thoughts :)
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  • Interesting, I'm not sure why food that she's been on for that long is bothering her.  Sometimes people/dogs can develop an allergy to foods they have eaten with no issues.  Since she has been on it for a long time I would check with the vet before switching everything up just to make sure everything else is in working order :)
  • Hey ladies,

    Just completed zumba for the day.  Definitely was tired though!  I also switched from Lose it to My Fitness Pal.  It seems like a lot of you use that, so I figured I would give it a try!

    To those of you with weddings this weekend - have an amazing time and congratulations!
  • I convinced myselft to bike to work today instead of driving.   This means I have to leave a little early as we are going to the Mariners game tonight.  We are eating at home instead of at the stadium to stay healthier.  

    Yesterday was a very unproductive day for me as we got the pro pics back from our photographer and all I wanted to do all day was look at the photos. Now we just need to decide which ones out of the 1000 photos we like the best. 

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  • Afternoon all!
    Thank you KW for letting me know that MFP had a calorie counter for cleaning! You're awesome! :)  So here's what I figured out for today.

    By lunchtime I had eaten/drank a total of about 1000 calories (my sandwich was a lot more than I thought it was!).  Work today burned 650-800 calories. we'll just say 700 to make it easy. That puts my net intake for the day sofar at 300 o.O  so that means I need to eat a 1500 calorie dinner to be on target for 1200 calories, provided I don't do any more vigorous activity?  I only actually cleaned for four hours today too so tomorrow may be more, may be less. I'm not sure how to reach that calorie number without sitting down with a box of cookies or something ;) I was thinking maybe some whole wheat spaghetti tonight with sauce from scratch, no clue what the calories in that are though! ;)
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  • KW- wow my brain is fried.. I can do math really I can ;)  That's ok I just figured out the RSVP-by-date I had on our website was a month too early.  I'm on fire today! ;)  The cleaning is I guess becoming a regular thing, it's M-F so that seems pretty regular to me :)  I'll have to update that.  My sauce usually starts with at least a pound of meat sometimes two... but seems to make a bunch of servings ;D
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  • I hung out with a friend of mine in NYC and we walked a lot.  I'm not entirely sure how long or how far, but in the almost 5 hours we were together, the only time we sat down was during our hour long lunch.  Some of that was slow walking in stores, the rest was walking the 1+ mile to and from the train station.
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  • I have been mia for about a couple weeks! I am back and still going strong! I am down 13lbs on weight watchers, 1lb away from my 10% goal!! I continue with the couch to 5k program, and am officially running for 2.5 miles. I am on week 7.  Hope you all are having a good week!
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