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p90x review (especially for you kw!)

Well, with one recovery week left, I feel pretty safe reviewing the whole thing.  As requested by kw, and hopefully it will help a few others-

Things I Loved:
-Having a scheduled workout waiting for me waiting nearly every day, that changed every so often
-The fact that the workouts got shorter.  Between learning the routine and getting stronger, I didn't need the video, so I could just go to the gym and knock it out.  At some points we had the workout down to 20 minutes flat.
-That I didn't have to go to the gym every day.  The cardio stuff can easily be done at home, so it was nice to have that change between gym and home days, too.

Things I Didn't Love:
-Abs is basically every other day.  It doesn't take long to do, but I really burned out on it and was dreading those few minutes by the end, simply because of the monotony.
-It really took me until near the end of phase two (so about eight weeks in) to start seeing results.  From what I've read, this can be very typical for women.  It was hard to stay motivated between weeks four and seven when I wasn't seeing what I had hoped.  But it did get easier again once I did hit week eight and things started changing/moving.

Overall, I loved it.  And I really think I'm going to do it again this fall/winter.  After round one, I lost an inch here and there (thighs, waist) but not much more, and got down a few lbs, but again not much more, most likely due to diet (and, to be fair, I only have about 5-10 lbs to go.)  BUT, as Tony reminds you, this isn't a weight loss program, it's a strength training program.  Truthfully, I've never felt stronger in my life or better about my physical condition, even with some lbs from my belly I'd still like to see go away.  

Re: p90x review (especially for you kw!)

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    Thanks. We are tackling this next month. 1 question did you use all the supplements they suggest?

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    Nope, no supplements.  We have some whey and stuff around, but I don't use it that regularly.  I just tried to plan high protein, lower-simple carb dinners and lunches, as I feel like that's more maintainable (for me, at least.)  I'm sure our results would have been a bit more dramatic, but I needed something 'normal' to keep me going through the crazy number of workouts.
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    hahaha, too funny kw.

    The first week was the roughest, because you're trying to figure out what the moves are and how to do them all properly.  They suggest trying each of the workouts once before you start the program and familiarizing yourself a bit, so that it doesn't take as many 'wait, what?' moments while you're actually working out.  If you spent a week or two doing that before you really 'started' the program, on days you do have more time, it wouldn't be so bad.
    The only catch is the yoga day.  It takes 90 minutes.  So if you schedule that for a weekend day from the start, then you'll be okay (the cardio days never change, in day or in order.)
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    Thank you for posting this Lobsters!!

    I have all the videos and at some point I might actually do the whole program...but I love the run so I feel like it would be hard to fit that into the program since its so structured. Plus I think I want to loose some more weight before doing it to tone up.

    How did you do it at the gym without the DVD??
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    Andrea - FI LOVES to run, so that was a hard adjustment for him, too.  We ended up doing doubles during phase two so that he could run, and eventually sometimes he just swapped out one of the cardio routines for a run (but changed which one he was swapping out regularly, so that he wasn't missing ALL of the plyo, or ALL of the kenpo.)

    And don't worry, weight loss comes with toning up.

    As for no dvd - we brought the booklet with us to the gym, which has the list of exercises for each workout with the basic description of each specific exercise.
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    Thank you for the details! I am honestly considering doing this at my gym...that has always been my hesitation that I don't have weights at home (other than like a 15lb. resistance band.)

    Also, CONGRATS on finishing P90X but even MORE on your wedding!! Have a wonderful time, I know we will all be thinking of you this week!!!
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    @lobsters I had done p90x for 6 weeks a while back before i slacked off. i found that i was gaining weight. does that eventually change? if so, when did you start to see the weight drop?
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    Jpinesa few considerations... 1it's meant to build muscle, so if you don't have a lot to lose you could see the gain from muscle development pretty quickly 2how did you calculate what you were burning and thus eating back? The calculator from p90x is very inaccurate. What I did was time each individual workout set and sum that for my total workout time. When I put that in the calculator it almost exactly matched what I was calculating by using my heart rate.
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    I didn't have MFP or anything like that when I was doing P90X but i get what you're saying. thanks!
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