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Monday WW accountability

Good Morning!  I'm looking forward to the shorter week and hoping that I can stay on plan even though I'll be eating out or at parties almost every day this week.

B: string cheese (2)
S: Fiber One shake (2)
L: soup (4)
S: chobani (2)
D: out for dinner after a light display.  I'll definitely eat a salad before I even look at anything else.

Total: 10
Target: 23

E: none

Re: Monday WW accountability

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    I have no idea how this happened, but I lost 4 lbs at WI this week! I made my Christmas goal! I've now lost 20.2 lbs, and am officially out of the 230's!!!!!!!!!!!

    I've got a busy day today that will most likely involved fast food. Boo. However, the FI and I are going to look at an apartment today that we might be interested in for after we're married! I'm excited!

    B: leftover salmon fillet (9), peanut butter ball (3) - dumb coworkers and their Christmas cookies
    L: tbd - hoping to finish this week's meal planning later today
    D: leftovers - asian chicken and rice soup (2), and anything else I have that needs to be eaten up

    E: none

    Total: 14
    Target: 30
    WI: Saturday
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    Wow Favorite One!  That's awesome!  I'm weighing in tomorrow instead of today because I wasn't near my usual scale this morning, but I know I'm up, it's just a matter of how much.  Congratulations on making your Christmas goal!  Peanut butter balls are my weakness as well :)
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