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Getting in Shape

Workout Accountability: Friday

Morning Ladies and TGIF!!!

Eating and working out went well, but still stuck on a plateau.  I will be over my calories a bit today because it's a rest day, and we have a yummy pesto pasta and wine dinner planned (homemade pesto and garden veggie pasta) for the Olympics and to celebrate my last fitting. 

Tomorrow and Sunday will be week two of phase three, and back to normal eating.  I might make those cookie dough ice pops that have been floating around on pinterest.  I put them in two of those calorie counter sites, and one gave me 88 calories and the other gave me 113 - guess I'll have to split the difference?

How are you all doing?  Anything fun planned?  Have a great weekend everyone!

Re: Workout Accountability: Friday

  • Mornin. Chest/back today followed by a short run. Off to work shortly, it's my Monday. Boo.
  • Last night I just did a yoga video.  I really needed it to just stretch out my legs which were killing me.  I think my body appreciated it because today I am not sore at all.  Eating yesterday was pretty good and today will be alright.  I'm hoping to get a run in after work today.  If it's raining/storming like the are predicting I might just head to the gym and do some eliptical stuff.
  • I got a last minute cake order yesterday so I ended up spending the entire night in my kitchen and didn’t hit the gym. So tonight I am hoping to get a run in and do some arms! Then I am putting on my first cake tasting this Sunday so more baking after my run!  Then Saturday morning I am going dress shopping!  Yay!!!!!
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  • Yesterday I went on a short walk with co-workers in the afternoon, then after dinner FI and I walked around our apartment complex and up a giant hill. Ended up getting 12,000 steps for the day, so I'm happy about that.

    Tonight is a gym night, then I'm going to a friend's house to work on paper flowers (she's getting married at the end of september, i'm the beginning, so we both have a lot of stuff to do!)

    Have a great weekend everyone!
  • Work out fail for me this morning. Totally overslept and for work too! ah!
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  • So few posts to read so far this morning! Odd!

    Happy Friday everyone! I am SO excited - today is all about getting packed and ready for our camping trip that we're leaving for at 3am!!! The only thing unfortunate about the trip will be a lack of GIS and most likely weight gain. I just tend to gain weight quickly! It's a giant family/friends trip where my uncle always makes these big meals every night.. plus the regular camping food in between! But it's just 9 days, and it's worth gaining a pound or two, because it's awesome. Still will be able to get more exercise than usual though so I'm hoping things just balance each other out!

    I'm going to run 2 miles today if I have a break from the insanity of preparation. :)

    Have a good weekend everyone! Talk to you on August 7!
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  • hellebhelleb member
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    Happy Friday :)

    Yesterday went well on the calories and workout.  I did c25k and hour yoga.  The c25k was SO much easier on a tredmil (must go back to pacing and terrain) but I was pretty excited that it was over before too long.  I don't think I am a yoga person but maybe I need to give it more time.  I went yesterday and she wanted me to put my leg over my shoulder and then lift myself into the air with my palms!  I know I can change it however I want but it was a foundations class and I was like "maybe after I lose my first 20 lbs." Idk.  I was just super discouraged.

    Today is a rest day and this weekend I will be in my hometown looking at a winery for a venue and seeing some family that are coming from out of town.  I know we will be eating Olive Garden so today I am on a mission to check out their nutrition facts :)

    Hope everyone has a great weekend!
  • Yesterday had lunch at Nobu.  It was so good and difficult to leave half of the salmon on my plate but I also needed to indulge my craving for a slice of NY pizza.  Glad we did a lot of walking around the city yesterday.  

    Flight was delayed 3 hours coming home due to weather and late arriving aircraft, didn't get home until 1 AM so today was a rest and go into work late day so I could sleep.   Very excited that today is my last day of work as I have all next week off as it's wedding week!

    Going to relax this weekend and hopefully get in a workout or 2.  FI has been horribly sick all week so no hiking for us this weekend.

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