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Getting in Shape

Workout Accountability: Monday

Morning! I hope everyone had a great weekend!  And Dawn, congrats on wedding week!

Weekend went pretty well in terms of workouts and eating.  I took Friday off from my normal eating and indulged in a pasta dinner, some ice cream, and some extra calories after my dress fitting (which went really well!)  Thankfully, it served to break the plateau.  It was so ridiculously humid all weekend, though, that it was difficult to get the same workout intensity, so the goal was just to get through them each day.  

Today is back, biceps, and abs, and might seriously be a food splurge because it's national cheesecake day, and so the Cheesecake Factory came up with this - http://finance.yahoo.com/photos/july-30th-cheesecake-factory-celebrates-photo-151100615.html.  I am world's biggest Oreo fan and this is completely not diet friendly, but FI said he wants to pick up a slice after work, so I might just need a few bites...I'm sort of hoping he doesn't stop to get it, though.

How is everyone else doing, and how was everyone's weekend?

Re: Workout Accountability: Monday

  • I did well eating over the weekend, no workouts. I'm on a plane with the kiddo now, up to NY. My grandma passed on Saturday so I'll be home all week. Going to try to at least run. My parents have an old exercise machine called the FastTrack, so I may see if that is worth getting on. Other than that, I doubt I'll get anything else in. Not sure really. Hopefully I don't gorge myself on hometown food, but that's so hard....
  • Zero, I'm so sorry to hear about your grandma.  I hope you're doing okay, and I more than think you've earned those hometown treats.  Have a safe flight and you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers!
  • I've done horribly lately.  I hurt my neck last week so all the exercise I got was walking, which I did do a lot of.  Then I was stressed (we closed on a house Friday) and I binged on the PB part of these PB crumbly bars I made for FI.  Then we celebrated Friday with martinis and high-caloric foods.  Then our friend's baby died and I had a giant cupcake and 3 slices of pizza after the funeral.  Ugh.  Rough week.

    My sister's coming up from Texas today so I'm hoping to get my exercise in by doing a LOT of walking.  I need to move some boxes to my house every day this week, too.  My goal is to do some arm and ab work today.  OH, and to not pig out on anything.  I saw a recipe for doctored up cucumber slices; I think I'll buy a cuke at the grocery store today and try that.
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  • Friday was a rest day for me.  Saturday I did the eliptical for a little bit and did arms/abs at the gym.  Sunday was a video and moving lots of furniture through the rain and up stairs so I definitely got my workout in!  Today I'm hoping to do a quick run depending on how I feel.
  • Good morning!

    I did good with working out/activity this weekend, but I definitely had more junk food than I should have.

    Friday - 20 minutes stairmaster, 33 minutes elliptical and a walk with co-workers.

    Saturday - 30 minutes weightlifting, 60 minutes treadmill

    Sunday - 20 minutes stairmaster, 20 minutes elliptical, disk golf with FI.

    My workout yesterday seemed to take a TON more effort than it should have and was exhausting. I think it's probably because I had reese's puffs cereal for breakfast instead of something full of protein.

    I am down 3 more lbs though - small victories :)
  • Lobsters - Thanks can't believe it is here. My sister arrives tonight and starts the slow trickle of guests arriving. Zero sorry for your loss. This weekend was ok food wise but didn't get any exercise in. Spent the weekend relaxing and getting the house ready for guests. Off to meet with the trainer this morning and am also getting a 2 mile walk in when I pick up the rental car for the week.

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  • And cheesecake is going to have to wait - and food is out the window for today - work just threw me a surprise shower - mimosas, and munchkins, and white castle galore!
  • This weekend was aweful and I didn't track calories at all. My Mom broke her ankle very badly on Friday morning and I spent the whole day at the ER. I had a late breakfast of cold eggs, stale waffles and what I think was cream of wheat, but I was starving by the time I got it. More bad hospital food for lunch and a really late dinner of 2 slices of cheese pizza. Saturday I had least spent alot of time running up and down the stairs getting her stuff, but dinner was takeout Chinese and I really didn't consider the diet at all. Sunday I had one of the lighter breakfasts at IHOP and and then ended up having a fight with FI and a small bowl of leftover chinese at about 9:00 at night.

     I had been working my butt off all Summer doing 80+ hour weeks between my job and my business and finally had some fun Summer plans for the next month or so and now that is all gone because I will have to stay home and take care of my Mom. Plus I am worried about her having to have surgury later this week. I am just so desperate for a break and stressed out and no idea when that is actually going to happen.

    Today I brought the salad I was supposed to eat Friday for lunch, but it is looking kind of questionable and I might end up having to order out again...I really need some motivation to make myself care right now....sorry this post is so rant-y and depressing.
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  • @zero- I'm so sorry to hear about your Grandma, my thoughts are with you and your family :(

    @erbear- Congrats on the house closing! And my sympathies on the passing of your friends baby, that is just awful news :(

    @dawn- Whoooo this is your week!! Its finally hear! Congratulations!!

    This week was my bachelorette and we were away in Newport all weekend. Needless to say, other than walking the Cliff Walk Fri morning before the beach, I was in a junk food/alcohol coma all weekend. It was a blast but man am I feeling slugish today. I walked a little bit this morning, but I'm working late today to catch up so tomorrow I will be back on my healthy eating/exercising program.
  • @lobsters - congrats on the fitting!! your day is getting so close!

    i'm thinking this week is going to be difficult workout-wise. my FI's grandma is expected to pass away any day now. we're both pretty rattled about it. i'm going to try REALLY hard to workout tonight but idk if that's going to happen. in the meantime i'm sure i can at the very least control the eating.

    good luck to everyone on their weight loss this week!
  • And I'm back ... sorta!  Have been home since Thursday afternoon.  Managed to get a work out in on Friday morning, doubled up JM 30DS and Bridal Bootcamp, but after that I wasn't able to get much in besides walking to and from the car in the hospital.  Eating was attempted to be on track, but mostly food was served to me.  So I've only got my fingers crossed that the dress will fit perfectly on Wednesday (testing after my first round of alterations, where we had the dress shortened 1 inch).  This morning I had planned on 30DS, got my gym stuff on ... and then chose to do chores instead.  Still burned calories, right? ;)

    I missed you all while I was away ... thinking of everyone :)

    Tomorrow is a new day, hoping there won't be any cupcakes around tomorrow:)

    Best wishes to everyone
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  • Hi everybody, I'm new to the accountability board but hoping to become a regular!  My wedding is in September 2013 and I've been working to get into just a bit better shape.  Not a huge weight loss needed, I just feel better and happier when I'm active and eating healthy!

    This was a good weekend for me.  I was able to eat healthy, the FI and I have started adding a lot more fruits and vegetables into our diets and that's been going really well.  I took Saturday off because I hurt my back running and I'd been trying unsuccessfully to run through it for a week and decided it might just need a break!  Sunday I felt a lot better and got a 5 mile run in.

    Today I just took a few walks (probably about 6 miles total) and a bit of weightlifting.

    And on a side note, I am going to start looking at dresses in about 2 weeks, which makes this all seem even more exciting!!
  • I'm catching up after a long work day yesterday! 

    For the weekend eating was okay, within normal range, but exercising was meh. FI and I did go swimming for a bit on Sunday but nothing major and my first dress fitting was Saturday. I always forget to count how much walking we do but it obviously helps to live within walking distance to restaurants/ shopping/ activities. 

    Yesterday (Monday) the dog and I went for a slow 2.35 mile run. Again, nothing major but it was starting to get dark and I really wanted to fit it in!
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