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What's YOUR running shoe?

Hey all! I've been running for a few years now and am wondering if I have been using the right shoe. I get shin splints fairly easily, so I am looking for a new shoe with high shock absorbtion and good support, but lightweight at the same time. Any recommendations? Thanks!!
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Re: What's YOUR running shoe?

  • The only people that can tell you if you're using the right shoe is someone who can see your feet and your gait in person.  Go to a running specialty store (like RUnning Room) and talk to them.

    I will tell you that I had god awful shin splits forever that improved considerably after I was fit for shoes.  Not to mention I started spending about $30 less on my shoes. 

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  • I wear Adidas exclusively and FI wear New Balance  exclusively we both swear by our brands
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  • I went to a marathon sports store and was fitted for the Mizuno Wave Rider.  My advice?  Get fitted, everyone's feet are different and everyone had different foot/shin/knee issues.  Make sure they actually watch you not only walk but run if you do go.  Also, a good store will let you take them for a quick "spin" in the parking lot.  
  • I've been running in Asics Gel -Lyte33 for about a month now. I bought this because like PPs were saying I actually went to a sports store that specialized in running shoes. They actually watched me run on a treadmill and picked out the best type of shoe for me.
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  • I've had horrible shin splints in the past, to the point of requiring physical therapy. Now I wear Nike Free. which I was hesitant about because they're barefoot simulation style shoes. But I love them. Also, I found that my shin splints flare up a lot depending on what kind of shoes I wear throughour the day. I cycle my old running shoes down to my every day shoes after I get a new pair to ensure that on a day to day basis I'm not aggrevating my shins. I can tell you the day after wearing something like Converse or super high heels usually hurts my shins if I try to run, so I tend to follow those days with somoething low or no impact. 
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  • so i know this wasn't exactly what you asked, so feel free to ignore this advice.  good shoes are certainly VERY important to keeping overuse injuries at bay, such as shin splints.  however, i've heard (and it's held true for me) that shin splints tend to be moreso related to tightness in my calves and hamstrings.  there's some pretty simple stretches that you can readily find online (and might already be doing for all i know!) that might help you out a lot.  they definitely helped me!

    again, ignore if you already know this or are only looking for shoe recommendations.  btw i've sworn by adidas and aesics shoes for a while.  i just bought the mizuno wave runners after being fitted at a store and they eat up my feet.  but they're miraculous shoes for others.  just goes to show that it's about finding what works for you!
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    I'm boring, I wear Asics 2170s. Runner's World magazine said they are the most popular running shoe and they work for me. PPs are right; go get fitted to see what you need. And stretching can only help. GL! PS: Congrats on your wedding in two weeks! I'm surprised you can think about sneakers! Lol
  • Haha! I was an over acheiver and got all my wedding stuff done over the summer...sometimes its good to be a teacher :
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  • My H had issues with shin splints and thought he needed even more support.. turns out it was the complete opposite. He needed a more minimalist shoe, and since he switched to the Asic Gel-Blurr he hasn't had the issue AT ALL. 

    I run only on trails so I have Vibrams :o
  • Best thing I ever did for my running was to get fitted properly at a running store.  I wear Brooks.
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