Getting in Shape

Workout Accountability Wednessday

Well last night I didn't get to do my abwork out like I wanted. Traffic was the pits coming home, both the hubby and I got in later than usual, and consequently our dog had made a mess of the kitchen... so we spent what would have been our workout time cleaning up after her... she's lucky she's cute!!

We were both tired yesterday too.. though I think we're getting too much sleep as opposed to the opposite, so since we felt like being lazy we both vowed to get up early this morning to work out. Which we were successful at. He went for a run, but it was 31 degrees and I was being a wuss, so I stayed inside and did my ab-work out on P90X... and holy cow... it was hard!! I dont know if it's because it's been over a week since I've done it, or because I was still waking up, but I really had to work to keep pace with them this morning. In any case it felt good... and I am proud of myself that I am staying disciplined now that the wedding is over. Tonight we are going to church since we have been meaning to try a mid-week service, so I doubt I'll get another work out in... but perpahs we'll feel motivated again tomorrow and get up early.

How did you ladies do? I hear there is a cold going around, I hope everyone is fighting it ok. Hubby and I take hawthorne berry pills, and they've been keeping us pretty healthy. Jude said yesterday she wasnt feeling good... lets all say a little prayer she feels better soon!!
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