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You ladies may appreciate this!

I have been working on C25K - i have bad tendons and am really out of shape. When I started 3 weeks ago I could barely make it through the first step of C25K. I only made it 1.7 miles that first day.
Today i am on week 4, runing 3 mins at a time with 90second walking intervals!!! On my last 3min running segment i was totally in the zone and this absolute HOTTIE walked into the gym and started lifting weights right in front of me... I was watching him workout and then next thing i know i had been running for 12mins straight!!!!
I am so proud of myself! (for the work out - not checking out the guy)

Re: You ladies may appreciate this!

  • hahaha, good for you!!! Sometimes you need to distract yourself from your workout :)
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  • Haha.  I love the workout entertainment.

    Good work with C25K.  It's a great program.  You'll be able to run for 30 minutes straight before you know it.
  • AWESOME GIRL!!! Keep it up :)
  • I always find it more enjoyable to work out when there is something good to look at.  Generally it's the TV, but you seem to have found a good alternative.

    Also, congrats on your endurance!
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