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Hey ladies,

Does anyone have a scale that they recommend? I just moved and realized that I should probably buy one to keep at home...I looked on amazon and saw everywhere from $12 to $150...I would like to not spent too much money but still get a good scale that is going to be accurate.


Re: Scale Advice!

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    I got a cheap WW brand one at Walmart for about 15 bucks. It may not have the exact same reading as the Dr's office scale, but it will track gain/loss just as well! :) I personally like scales that will give you the decimal places too... not just half pounds or whole pounds.
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    I got a moderately priced "Biggest Loser" scale from a local store - like PP said, I like it because it gives me a decimal point so it's a bit more precise than just lb. by lb.

    If I had disposable income right now, I would totally be buying the FitBit Aria Scale
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    I got a WW scale from Costco and I love it! I've had it for 4+ years now, whereas the cheap scales I bought before either broke after 2-3 months or was inconsistent with my weight - ie. I would weigh myself and 5 mins later, I would reweigh myself and would magically gain 10lbs. I think I paid $25 for the WW scale.
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