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Workout Accountability: Friday

Well, here I go again, into the great outdoors.

Day two of taking grade 8s to the nordic ski club for hiking, geocaching and science experiments. The whining is an added bonus!

It's a cool, windy day, which means listening to the kids complain about being tired, hungry AND cold ... because it's perfectly acceptable to weat a tshirt and hoodie hiking in Northern Canada, right?!?

Yesterday was beautiful, and today should be even moreso because it will be sunny. I like that the hiking is not just on the trails, but bushwacking too. I wasn't expecting that yesterday, but I've got my hiking boots on today instead of sneakers, so I'll be even more ready.

When the complaining starts I'm going to preach to the whiners about the best exercise in the world:


Happy Friday everyone!!
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Re: Workout Accountability: Friday

  • Morning guys!

    Thanks for all the get well wishes yesterday. I am on the mend for sure.  Last night should have been a run night but it didnt addition to not running we had our cupcake tasting as well.
    Seriously these were the best cuppy cakes I have ever had and they were Gluten free some were even GF and Vegan! *drool*

    despite not running this week I have dropped a few pounds and realized this morning I am 11 pounds away from my goal weight by the wedding, with the wedding being in 50 days I am not sure I will be able to lose it in time but I am really going to try.

    Happy weekend everyone!
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  • @souptin - hooray for feeling better! AND dropping weight from it!

    Yesterday I went on a walk with co-workers in the afternoon, then the rest of the night was pretty lazy. DH and I went to a disc golf store we had a groupon for and then we ran to the mall to return some stuff to macy's (gotta love when people buy off-registry).

    I'm a little displeased with myself that we went out for thai food after our errands...I knew thai food was a sort of thing I should only get on heavy cardio days, but my brain didn't win that argument. I was only over my calories by 200 though, I suppose it could have been worse.
  • Yesterday was not the best. Didn't work out, and ate/drank WAAAAAy too much. Allergy testing took 4.5 hours (they told me to plan on 2-3). Spent so much time just waiting around. The appointment was at 1, so I didn't get lunch, so by the time I got home after 5, I was starving, and overcompensated big time. 

    Back on track today. Going to try and avoid eating lunch with co-workers, and go home and eat something healthy. Definitely need to run tonight. Taking it easy, because Saturday night is a friend's bachorlette party, and things might get crazy :) 
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  • Good morning! I did end up making it to the gym at work yesterday during lunch so I got in 25 minutes walking on treadmill. My heartrate wasn't as high as it gets during more intense cardio but I go into the 140s without sweating too much. Dinner was good but then went on a Reese's pieces bender after dinner with FI. PMS always makes me irritable and crave chocolate. I hate when he buys it because I have a hard time resisting if its in the house. 

    This morning got to the gym but wasn't really feeling it. I did a light cardio workout again but no strength training. Just thinking about this weekend is already exhausting me I think. Packed a lunch so hopefully food will be okay until dinner!
  • Hi Everyone!

    Wow, it's been a crazy hectic week.  I've been able to squeeze in a few workouts after work, but definitely want to get back on a normal routine soon.  Tonight I should have time after work, so I'm hoping to get a decent cardio and strength workout in.  Plus I have a healthy dinner ready to be made tonight, so hopefully today should be an on-track kind of day.

    On a much more exciting front, however, I bought my dress last weekend!  I'm going to try to upload a picture, who knows if I'll be successful.  It's the opposite of what I thought I wanted, but I'm completely enamored with it!  My only concern is that they made me order 1 size up (from what's pictured), so i'm hoping they'll be able to alter it to fit snugly.  I've never had good luck with that, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed it will work!

    Hope everyone has a great day and start to the weekend! Smile

  • @choagie42 ~ You look amazing in your dress!

    Yesterday was alright food wise until dinner when I had macaroni and cheese with DD.  I did 4+ loads of laundry so no time for the gym.

    Today I packed my food for breakfast and lunch so that eating will be in check.  We are hanging out with friends tonight so no gym but I am hoping to get to yoga in the morning.
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  • Chaogie, I LOVE your dress! you look fab in already! not much more then maintenance for you!
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  • Hey everyone!

    Yesterday was good on food until I got home. I left Edmonton at 7:45 and didn't get to Red Deer until just about 10:00, and that drive usually only takes an hour and 20 minutes. It was ridiculous. They had the entire highway (super busy highway) closed for construction, so we had to take some asinine route down back roads for about 80km. Dumb! Not what I wanted to do at the end of the week on the way home. Then when I got home, FI and FFIL had ordered pizza... and hawaiian pizza at that.. so I ate two pity slices, lol. Went over calories by about 200, so like Entropic said, coulda been worse.

    Today I'm going to do my best to avoid going over calories, but we're going to a hockey game and there is SO much yummy food at hockey games! Maybe I'll do some treadmill before we go...

    Anyway, have a good day people!
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  • jennylee I love silent hiking choagie love the dress who mentioned the macaroni I had the same exact downfall last night and sarah5200 I had bad driving experience last night too. 4 wrecks and 2 stalls later I got home. So yesterday only a walk and just about even on my calories. This morning was planning on going to gym right before the staff retreat but they closed the gym. On the bright side switched it up and worked out outside. Walking and then lunges, jumping, and side situps. Very sore now! On low side tons of great food at the retreat. On bright side we did a scavenger hunt so got more exercise in. Yoga tomorrow. Recover Sunday.
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