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first fitting--motivation!

well ladies, today was my first dress fitting for my november 3 wedding. a little backstory... in jan of 2011 i started a diet/exercise program, ultimately just limited calories and strived to get 300 minutes of moderate activity in per week. so in the first 6 months i lost 35 pounds. then in the year since then im only down about 10 more, and i've been hovering in a 5 pound range for a long time.

i bought my dress in november 2011 hoping to lose more weight by the time i had to wear it, though i didnt order a size down or anything, just hoped it would need to be taken in. unfortunately when i tried it on today it was too tight. the scale doesnt lie, and i havent gained any weight since i bought the dress, but it felt tighter than the sample i tried on which was a size smaller than the one i ordered. anyway it feels crappy, especially since i thought i would walk in and slip right into the dress, but this is just the kick in the butt i need to get moving and start being more conscious of everything i eat. thankfully, even if i dont lose any weight, i can just have the modesty panel in the corset back extended about an inch and it will be ok (though still tight). but i have 8 weeks from today to lose some weight, and i would really like to tone my arms more as well. i know what i need to do since i have lost weight before, and now hopefully i can use this as my motivation every time i want the burger or cake instead of fruit or something more sensible. 

just felt like sharing here to vent a little and put my goals in writing!
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Re: first fitting--motivation!

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    Good for you Jam! In 8 weeks you can definitely make a difference in how that dress feels! I'm not sure how much fat you have on your body to lose, but if you're relatively close to goal weight, then eating cleanly and doing strength training (don't throw cardio completely out the window though, it is good for you) would probably make the most difference to tighten up those muscles and create a smaller tighter you!

    It does sound though like you know what your'e doing - so have at 'er! You should join in on the Daily Accountability thread too - it's really helpful for motivation :)
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    I have the same wedding date as you and I am going to pick up my dress in about an hour!  I have no idea how it will fit- assumming it will be way too big on top since I had to order it about 3 sizes bigger than my normal size to accommodate my hips!
    I feel you though, it feels like crunch time.  Every time I am tempted by something I think of how I will look in my dress and I usually don't give in.
    Just keep at it, you can make a lot of progress in 8 weeks if you stick with it.  You've lost 45 pounds already?  That's amazing! 
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    thanks sarah! i think i will join in on the thread. i definitely have fat to lose, so hopefully just going back to basics and doing what i did before (with a lower calorie goal this time) will work well.
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    I'm in the same boat - wedding day Nov. 3. I go for my first fitting on Tuesday. When I went in about a month ago to try it in, it was rather snug in the hips.....the seamstress said she may have to take it out a bit. I'm hoping against hope that's not the case.

    I've been working my butt off since then doing bridal bootcamp and I just started the C25K this week.....when I weighed myself this morning, I was 2.5 lbs down from where I was last month when I tried on the dress. FI is measuring me tomorrow to see if my measurements have changed since then. Keep your fingers crossed!

    We can do this, ladies! We'll all look fab on our wedding day! Laughing
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    Avoid salt and processed foods!! Drink lots of water! Flush, flush, flush!! Good luckSmile you can do it!
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    I'm also a November 3rd bride! I dropped 15 pounds since getting my dress. I hoped for a lot more but I do feel like I have toned up a lot. I was doing really well till I got off track on my bridal shower weekend celebration. Its been hard to get back on the wagon. I have my first fitting next week so I hope that will get me to refocus. Hoping to lose 20 more pounds by the wedding! Can't believe how close it is! 
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    steph-hope your dress pickup went well!

    thanks for the support everyone!
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    Thanks!  It went well...dress is too big- which I expected, but it's still the motivation I need to keep moving and eating well.  I went to spinning this morning and I just kept thinking to myself, this hard work will pay off- because it was a hard workout!

    Just take it one day at a time, you will get into that dress if you keep at it.  Keep posting here, I'm finding that the more I read about how hard everyone is working it just reminds me that losing weight <em>is </em>a journey.  It doesn't happen overnight.  But we still have time until our big days to drop a few more pounds so you can slide into that dress.  You can do it!

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    [QUOTE]steph-hope your dress pickup went well! thanks for the support everyone!
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