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Workout Accountability: Wednesday

Good morning!

Last night I only ran 3 miles and had an awful stitch in my side towards the end.  Ugh. Well, that's what I get for taking a week off from running.  I walked another half hour on an incline after.  I cannot wait to start running outside again. 

Tonight I'll lift and do the elliptical.  

 How did everyone else do?
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Re: Workout Accountability: Wednesday

  • jude- stiches are the WORST.  I got one doing sprints in track back in the day and it hurt so bad.  I was out for a lot of practice that day as I recall...

    Last night I ran 4 miles, did some stretching, and ended with an ab workout.  I also ate relatively well which was good.  It feels good to get back into the swing of things and I hope I can stick with it for the remainder of the week!
  • Good job ladies :)  I went to spin class this morning for a much needed cross train day.  Yoga & running tomorrow!
  • Nice work!  I did 30 minutes of run/walk intervals on the treadmill on a low incline.  Tonight will be intensive weights, and maybe some light cardio if I can talk myself into it.
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  • Yesterday I went to the park district for a circuit workout I've been doing. It's in the town over; I'm not a resident so I pay $6 per class. The class is supposed to be an hour but by the time the instructor gets going and shows all the circuits, 10 minutes passed already. My HRM said I burned 330 calories in 51 minutes. Not the best workout yesterday. Sometimes they're great, sometimes not. It's such a crapshoot. And honestly, if I'm paying $6 per class, I want it to go the entire hour and for the circuits to actually be good/hard/effective excercises- some of them are reaalllly lame!

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  • Nice job ladies! I decided to sleep this morning. My body felt so tired. It's hard getting up at 5am more than 3 days a week - especially when I don't go to work until 8:30am and I'm usually here until 5/5:30pm. So I will do some lifting when I get home from work tonight. I get so annoyed with myself when I dont get up! Though it is a rare occassion that happens.
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  • lbarr- Yeah, luckily, this is only the second time ever I can recall having one, but it was pretty painful.  Very frustrating.

    mbody- That would annoy me too.  Is it always the same instructor or a different one each time? 
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  • I stress ate a bunch of cookies yesterday, so I worked out for 90 minutes to try to compensate for that...not my proudest day.

    Tonight is gym night, so I'm hoping to get back on track!
  • Excellent work as always ladies!

    Monday, after 2 years of being in my graduate program, I finally realized I can use the college's fitness center for free! I checked it out, and worked out there for the first time yesterday! I did the elliptical for an hour which was good. It was different machine though, and I couldn't figure out how to to the interval hills like I like to do so I'm going to have to ask someone to help today.

    We are supposedly getting a giant snowstorm, which I'll believe when I see it, s no running today- I'm going to try my new found free fitness center again!
  • I've been travelling for work this week but managed to get up early and hit the gym at the hotel for 30 minutes on the elliptical. 

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  • Jude- it's the same instructor. Her good workouts are really good and her bad ones are pretty bad. There doesn't seem to be a happy medium and it's really inconsistant. I never know which one I'm going to get. Annoying!

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  • I had a tough lift last night but had a good spin class this morning. Next week FI and I are apt hunting, far from where we currently live, so we'll be staying in a hotel...with a hotel gym. Womp womp. I'm trying to compile some good full body workouts using minimal equipment, pinterest has been helpful, and I have a few workouts stored in my memory, but do you guys have any suggestions? How do you guys manage working out while you're traveling?
  • Last night I met with my trainer and we did arms and abs. I probably should've done some cardio when I got home, but with this being my final semester of college I'm pretty busy with presentations and projects.

    Tonight I will go to the gym and my goal is to run 3 miles. HOPEFULLY I don't get shin splints again. I got them last time I ran and it was probably the worst pain I've ever had after a workout.  Any suggestions on how to prevent those?
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  • Jaridds - I ended up creating a bunch of floor and in-room workouts when I was consulting (and in a hotel five days a week with a terrible gym.)  I'd head down to the gym for cardio on a few days, but other days made a routine (tumblr has some great ones) out of pushups, jumping jacks, situps, etc.
  • Great job everyone! Yesterday I completed an interval workout on the eliptical and also did 30 minutes of strength/resistance training with a focus on the arms (shoulders, triceps, biceps, forearms). I also completed the second to the last day of the Fab Ab February routine and can definitely feel my core getting stronger and stronger. Today's the last day of it and I'll finish it all up! I've also considered joining in on the End of Winter Challenge and will start that today. I'm a couple days behind, but I'm sure I can work through it.

    Tonight it's training day 2 at the gym with the trainer and after increasing my calorie intake to 1400-1500 just for the past day, I've noticed a huge difference in energy levels and felt quite satiated. Who knew a few hundred calories could make that big of a difference? I'll also schedule measurements with the trainer and we'll see how much progress has been made. The scale is still (and will continue to be) in the closet for now.

    Have a great day everyone!

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  • Yesterday I ran for my c25k as well as did the workouts for the challange. Work is making it more difficult for me to work out at nights so hopefully I'll be able to get to the gym tonight for a real workout. I've uped my water intake from about 20oz of water a day to 60oz and I'm feeling a difference in my alertness (which for someone with narcolepsy is a great thing). Upward and onward!
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  • Well, I missed my planned workout yesterday because *insert not good enough excuse here* but I'm going right now! Going to start up week 4 of C25K, and lift my weights! And I am going to come back here and post when I'm done! Now I have to go to the gym! Tricked myself...
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