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Trader Joes- lowfat/lo-cal meals

I just went to Trader Joes because I was craving something spicy and easy to cook in the heat we are having in New England.  And they have a bunch of their "bowl" meals that are under 10 grams of fat and 300 calories.  

You'll need to be into Asian flavors:
Massaman Curry, Vindaloo Chicken, Veggie Soba Noodles, Kung Pao Chicken.   Cook all in the microwave

Bought all of them (also under $3 each!) and had the curry. SO YUMMY! Now it's easy to eat right when you don't have a lot of time!

Re: Trader Joes- lowfat/lo-cal meals

  • I LOVE Trader Joe's and do the bulk of my grocery shopping there (I still occasionally hit up a regular supermarket for a couple things TJ's doesn't carry, and Target for non-food items, and a natural foods store for the produce TJ's doesn't have).

    I am always thrilled at how little I spend when I shop there, they are fantastic for their dairy and egg prices especially.

    I stock up on the low-fat greek style yogurt- it makes a perfect substitute for sour cream, and I've had fun making tzaziki (greek yogurt sauce with cucumbers and herbs) and raita (indian yogurt sauce with spices) to go with curries.  I'll throw a bunch of whatever vegetables are around into a fast curry on the weekend and bring it for lunch during the week!
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  • I absolutely love TJ's, too, and now it's on my way home from work since I moved last year.  I used to have to make PITA special trips if I ever wanted anything from there.

    I tried their onion noodle bowl (280 cals) and really liked it.  You have to let it sit for awhile after it comes out of the microwave, but it was way better than ramen.

    My favorites there are their cheese section, which rivals the high-end stores in my area, dried fruits, and their baguettes and brioche rolls (only get brioche a couple times a year since it's not diet-friendly).  I'm always stocking up on their meringues (27 calories apiece and fat free), Luna bars, and pizzas, and their fruit floe bars are to die for.  I love me some TJ's. : )
  • I love those bowl meals too, but just watch out for the sodium and preservatives. Even though they are low-cal and sometimes low-carb, the sodium (and sometimes the sugar) can be pretty high.
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  • I love TJ's and treat myself to the frozen Chicken Tikka Masala when I'm craving Indian. The only problem is the closest store to me is 30 minutes away so its always a special trip, but well worth it. Oh, and when we go we always stock up on nuts. They have great prices!

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