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Girl Scout Cookie Season!

So, I guess you could call this a rant. I will be lucky if I make it through this season! Ahhh! I have been doing really well on moderation, but I have never had this many problems sticking to it! They are so darn good! I was planning on just not buying them this year, but then a close friend's little girl was selling them and I just couldn't say no and my fiance just loves to snack on them (he doesn't go nuts with them and they are a good snack in the squad car so I don't complain too much). Over the past few days I have come to the conclusion that there should be a support group for people trying to stick to their change during this season!!

Re: Girl Scout Cookie Season!

  • Support groups for this would be a good thing... I always see them outside my fav grocery store so I go in the opposite. door...


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  • My best friend's daughter is selling them and I bought NINE boxes.  I'm getting them this weekend.  Last year I put them in our garage freeze and completely forgot about them until the end of August.  Yes, it is quite an exercise in self-control! 
  • I'm so very thankful I dodged the GS cookie bullet this year - no one I know was selling them and I haven't seen a single scout stationed near any stores I shop at.

    If you've got the cookies, eat and enjoy them, attempt moderation, but exercise to make up for any excesses! At least it's only once a year :)
  • As a 13 year girl scout, I can't help myself. Any time they're selling cookies (or anything else), I buy. The damn samosas are impossible to resist!!

    I like them cold, so I put them, in our basement fridge. At least the walk makes me think about just how badly I want a cookie ...
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  • Mmmm cookies... Last week I was so proud of myself. We had about 6 boxes in the work breakroom and I walked past all of them on the way to the gym! Success! Until the next day when I caved and had two thin mints.

    Conversation with the Mister at dinner last night:
    Him: Guess what's for dessert?
    Me: Um, nothing!
    Him: No... Wedding cake in April!

  • In Response to <a href=" BoardsForum:238Discussion:d0a1c650-d4ea-4957-b42b-a1e014be5891Post:205af857-512f-44b7-83fb-3263105392a8">Re: Girl Scout Cookie Season!</a>:
    [QUOTE]In Response to Re: Girl Scout Cookie Season! : The bolded is me. I put them in the freezer <strong>(the ones that are good to put in the freezer)</strong> and run a bit further to earn a cookie/a day or every other day.
    Posted by xcalygrl[/QUOTE]

    @xcalygirl - are some not good to put in the freezer? 
  • I think Samoas would be pretty terrible in the freezer...whereas I think it's blasphemy to eat thin mints that HAVEN'T been put in the freezer!
  • OMG I am a Samoas and Thin Mints FREAK! I have avoided each and every Girl Scout I've come across this year...because I know if I buy them, then I will eat a whole box in probably 2 days. BUT - FI and I went up to the local frozen yogurt shop in our neighborhood on Saturday night for a treat, and guess what they had?! Girl Scout cookie flavored fro-yo! No joke! The thin mint was sooooo good. So I got a taste of the cookies, without eating a whole box! Libby -1, Girl Scout Cookies - 0. :)
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  • Lucky for us up here in Canada... we don't have your delicious girl scout cookies readily available. We do have girl guide cookies, but I don't actually like them. I checked out these girl scout cookies and they look much more appetizing... thank goodness no one's asking me to buy them!
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  • I was a Girl Scout growing up. I love Girl Scout cookies :) when I buy a box I put them in the freezer that way I don't eat them up all at once. What keeps me from buying a bunch of boxes is how expensive they are.
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