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Re: NYE WW Accountability

  • My stand mixer should be arriving today!! Hooray!!!!!!!!

    B: Smart Ones Pasta Primavera (5), peppermint mocha (3)
    S: caramel apple shake (4)
    L: tbd
    D: party with wedding party - pizza, salad, breadsticks... i think that's the menu. I'm in charge of salad. (lots of points)

    E: going to the gym for the first time today!!!

    Total: 12
    Target: 30
    WI: Saturday

  • Still riding the sick train, so no NYE parties for me tonight.... not that I had any planned anyway, though, since I'm supposed to work tomorrow (have to be up at 5am). And FavoriteOne... what's a caramel apple shake? That sounds... interesting..

    B: nothing yet (it's 11:15), might try oatmeal (4)

    S: tea (0), applesauce (1)
    L: soup (2)
    S: edamame (1)
    D: soup, but maybe out since FI wants to go to this light show thing at 5:00... ugh... I don't feel like going, but he really wants to (5)

    E: nope.

    Total: 13

    Target: 23
    WI: yesterday (lost 1.6)

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  • It's a recipe from Hungry Girl. Restaurants have apple pie shakes/caramel apple shakes around fall time, which is when the recipe came out. It's DELISHIOUS! I can't finish it all usually.

    I substitute unsweetened apple sauce for the freeze-dried apples, out of convenience.

  • B: Yogurt (1)
    S: Crispy Minis (5)
    L: Celery with PB (2)
    S: A few bite size chocolates... (5)
    D: Hopefully salmon and/or chicken with rice/veggies

    Target: 20
    So far @ 13

    E; Does cleaning my bathrooms count? ;p

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