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Wedding drama!

Does anyone else deal with their mom and sisters strongly disliking the groom for no reason? 

Re: Wedding drama!

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    [QUOTE]Does anyone else deal with their mom and sisters strongly disliking the groom for no reason? 
    Posted by Chrissymorris34[/QUOTE]

    I think if mom and my siblings all do not like  FI, there's probably a good reason why. (ETA) That would be a huge red flag to me, TBH.

    I think there is probably MUCH more to this story than you are telling us.  Without all the info, its hard to give you any advice on this...
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    My mom didn't like my H when we first started dating, but she told me why ... he took a job in another state and therefore we were long-distance for months. She thought I was setting myself up for a really big disappointment. Once we got engaged, she was thrilled for us and she loves him now.

    As for his family ... I don't think I'm quite who they expected H to marry. (First of all, since I'm from "up north" and they wanted him to marry a "sweet southern girl"). But I don't believe they ever had an objection to us getting married, which is what matters.

    So, a lot depends on WHY they don't like him. Sometimes their opinion matters (like if they've seen a bad temper, violent streak, or other red flag in him and are worried for you) and sometimes they don't (my Minnesota accent).
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    My family loved him so I did not have your experience.  However, his parents do not like me since I'm not from Baton Rouge, I'm a poor teacher, and a host of other issues. 

    ITA with PP:  there must be a reason why they don't like him.  Have you asked?  Have they told you the full story? 
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    Is this a legitimate hatred or do they not like him because they are jealous of how awesome he is, and they wish they could have one just like him?
    If my mom and sister hated my DH, it would have been very obvious and they would have expressed all of their concerns soon after meeting him, TBH. I usually got the rundown when they first were introduced to the beau in question.

    EDIT: To answer your initial question, I haven't dealt with that, but with more information we may be able to help you out!
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    My family, especially my dad's side, did not like my 1st husband only because he was African American and I'm white. I'm from a super small town in Texas (pop. 5k) where if you were a white chic dating a black guy, you were basically disowned. Quite sad and ignorant, I know. It didn't matter to them that he was and had been in the USMC active duty and was stable in a good job with good benefits. We were young at the time 19/20 and I was in the USAF active duty too. We ended up eloping (because of our parents) and I didn't tell them about the marriage until 1 day before I left for South Korea for a whole year. They finally came around when our daughter was born (of course) - even tho we lived in SoCal and they all still lived in NE TX/SW AR. His parents always loved me and race was never an issue. After our 3 yr daughter passed away in Sept 2007, he admitted to some things and we went our separate ways.

    Probably more of my life then you wanted to know. But I really hope and pray that your family doesn't hate him mainly because of the color of his skin.
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