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making any gains?

The post about working out with your SO got me to thinking about this.  I work out with my SO as often as we can.  He works days and I work all-nighters so pretty much the only time we get together is on the weekends, but during those times we are able to hit the gym together, I've made some good gains.  He's really helped me on my benchpress for example.  In the span of 3 weeks, I went from a 1RM of 105 to a 1RM of 115 and I can now squat 135, just a couple more pounds than I weigh!   He's been very good at motivating me, especially on those days when I'm just not feeling it.  So how are you ladies doing on your workouts?  What gains have you made that you're proud of?

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Re: making any gains?

  • I can jog over half of a 5k now. I started walking almost the entire thing. I'm hoping within the next month or two to be able to jog an entire 5k. My fiance and I are doing one tonight so hopefully I'll see some more improvement.
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  • My FI definitely motivates me when I don't want to workout and vice versa. My favorite accomplishment is feeling stronger in my arms and working out consistently 4x a week.
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  • My cardiovascular health has improved by leaps and bounds. I've still got a lot of excess weight but I'm in better shape than people half my size. I used to only be able to do 10-15 minutes on the ellpitical and now it's super easy and I could go for an hour if it wouldn't bore me to death - I'm constantly looking for new ways to challenge myself at this point.
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