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Any FitBit users out there?

After being seriously frustrated by lack of movement on the scale -- despite increased movement on my part! -- I dug out my FitBit and decided to give it a try in an effort to get a more accurate look at my calories in vs calories out. I've been wearing it four or five days now, as well as logging everything I eat on their website. Has anyone else used the FitBit? Do you think it's accurate? Do you find it helpful?

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Re: Any FitBit users out there?

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    I got mine about 4 months ago after waiting a few months because it was back ordered.  And I'm so sorry and embarrassed to say I still haven't used it yet. I've heard good things about it tho! Sorry I can't help. Maybe if I get my butt in gear and actually use it (I really want to!) I'll report back in a week or so.
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