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I'm doing good ol' fashion weight watchers. Anyone have any good food tips/items that are low in points?

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  • has great WW recipes.
  • I'm doing WW as well. I've been on it for two months and have lost 17ibs. So it's working.
    I go for low Carb food a lot. High carb stuff seem to make the points skyrocket.

    Do you have the calculator? I don't know what I'd do without that little thing.

    I eat fruit ALL the time now because it's 0 points. Freebies - woot! I agree with PP. is a great site.
  • Sorry I mostly lurk here ... but has a lot of WW friendly recipes.. I've tried a lot of them and they are great!
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  • I started doing it a month ago and have lost 7 thus far.  I generally fill up on fruit.  Also do alot of carrots and cucumber.s  If you aren't big into veggies on their own, I use Otria Cucumber Dill Feta Greek Dip.  As the PP said, the calculator is great and handy.  I also have the app on my phone for keeping track of my points.  For me, it's easier to grab the Smart Ones meals for lunch at the office.  That way I'm not going out and risking not knowing how many points are in a meal.   
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  • if you want some low point snacks I go for sugar free fudgicles and sugar free jello with fat free cool whip. They usually satisfy my cravings and if you keep the portions in control (1 fudgicle, 1 cup jello with 2 tbsp cool whip) they count as 0 points.
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