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How to fix a couple of areas?

So it is way beyond the point that I can lose that 30 pounds I wanted to lose 9 months ago (where does the time go? + I am lazy).  At this point I would just like to make my stomach firm up and my arms smaller along with my back.  I know I can start doing crunches daily for my stomach, I've done that before.  Some of the exercises for triceps I can't do because I have really bad/weak wrists (I broke them both when I was younger) so I can't do dips or push ups.  I honestly have no idea how to work on the back fat, are there any specific exercises I can do to target these areas?  I am going to be doing cardio on the treadmill or elliptical machine also.  As far as those machines, is one better than the other?

*just so you don't get the image of a couch potato, I have 2 kids, just recently went from having 2 jobs to having only 1 and I play kickball on a league every week.

Re: How to fix a couple of areas?

  • Cardio is your first plan of attack. No matter what weight-bearing exercises you do, you won't see the benefits without losing fat. Building muscle is crucial (and will boost your metabolism), but you absolutely must do cardio. Cut calories, but not drastically.

    As for specific workouts, there are always options, even if you're limited physically. Shoulder injuries prevent me from doing many triceps workouts, but there is one that is generally fine for anyone...the standing cable pushdown. If you belong to a gym and haven't yet used your "free personal trainer" workout, use it to find exercises that are effective and not painful. They all offer them. It's time-consuming in that the trainer will be obligated to push you to sign up for multiple expensive sessions, but you don't have to do that if you can't afford it. Just learn some new moves. Alternatively, find an exercise can do so online through multiple websites.
  • Oh, and as far as cardio is concerned, it doesn't matter what you do. Running does burn more calories in general than anything, including cycling. But anything you do at reasonable intensity will produce a similar calorie burn. The elliptical in general burns about 85-90% of what running does, but it's a great way to build your aerobic base enough to do other things well.

    Whatever you do, skip the magazines or books...they are proven to slow you down. Make a great cardio mix on your MP3 player and focus on what you're doing. If you're depending on the TV or other media (other than music) to get you through a workout, take it outside while the weather is still good, so you learn to enjoy the activity (running, cycling, whatever) for the activity itself.
  • There is no such thing as spot reducing.  As riverjib said, you can build muscle, but as long as the fat is still on top of it, you won't see it.  Where our bodies lose and store fat is determined by our genetics, not by which muscles we work.

    The most effective thing for fat loss specifically is strength/resistance training.  Using real, heavy weights with full body compound exercises.

    Exercises that target your back are things like lat pull downs, seated rows, pushups, etc.
    We'll just not tell H about this little fact, m'kay?
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  • visit they have tons of exercises for specific body zones. Plus other tricks!
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