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Is MFP Sabotaging up your weight loss?

I know that I risk being called a liar and hated by all,  but I feel I need to get this out here.

After Noticing the extreme popularity of app,  and all the questions I see posted on here about what MFP  tells them,  I started to do a little research to see how effective the app is. 

I found it was pretty awesome at recording food and calroies.  Thats pretty handy.  I also like how it explains the calorie budget, and tracks how close you get to your limit with each meal.  

BUT....I instantly saw a MAJOR issue with this app.  This app uses a method of determining your daily calorie needs that has a HUGE margin of error based on your individual body composition.  It basically uses a BMI method,  which takes your height and weight, but NOT your Body Fat % into account.  This can have drastic results,  and if you are having issues with your weight loss even though you are listening to MFP,  this may be why.

USing the same type of Method,  I am technically "Overweight"  on a BMI scale.  I have 9% bodyfat,  So that tells you what kind of a mess we are getting into if the whole app, and YOUR weight loss plan, is based on a very innacurate number.

With my clients, I use the Katch MaCardle formula,  you can find it anywhere, just google Katch-Mcardle Calculator,  I like this one (No affiliation whatsoever):

MyFitnessPal told me to be eating 1900 calories to lose 1 lb a week.

Using the Katch-Mcardle Formula,  I'm at 2300. 

Thats a HUGE difference, and I know that many of the ladies on here are finding the same issue.

MFP is telling ALOT of women to eat 1200 calories, which is going to kill your metabolism, slowing it down like crazy.  

Your resting metabolic rate is based on the total amount of lean tissue that you have,  so you will need to get your BF% to use the Katch-Mcardle formula.  Some gyms offer free assesments which include this.  That would be the most accurate way,  if you can't do that,  then try and find a BIA weighing scale or handheld device.  (these are not as accuate as using calipers,  but its better than nothing!)

So top guessing your way through weight loss, and lets get accurate,  for quicker results!

Good luck everyone.  Any questions,  let me know.


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