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Hello everyone, this is more of a health related question(and an embarrassing one at that) and I wasn't quite sure what board to post on, but here it is anyways.  Ever since I was little whenever I would get confronted, embarrassed, anxious, I would get very flushed. Figured I would grow out of it. Well, many years later it is still happening! And I'm not talking a little rosy in the cheeks. What happens is I will feel warm, my neck/chest will start getting very blotchy(think hives).... and if it's really bad, this blotchiness will spread all the way down my arms. And this happens ANYTIME there is any attention on me. So needless to say, I know this is going to occur on my wedding day and I don't know what to do about it.(I'm starting to get flushed just thinking about it!!) I have a gorgeous wedding dress but that's not going to matter if everyone is distracted by what looks like a rash going on. Does this ever happen to anyone? Is there anything I can do about it? Any insight/advice would be greatly appreciated!!!

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  • See a doctor/dermatologist...they'll have answers for you and may have solutions as well.
  • Yeah, I can go terribly red and blotchy.  My H sometimes does it to me on purpose (at home in private) by trying to say things that embarrass me.  He's a butt.  Luckily I love him.

    But yeah, I went to a dermatologist a few times and they can't really do anything because it's your body working too efficiently.  What worked for me was good makeup on the day of.  Use a foundation with a slight green tint as it offsets the red colour. 
  • I agree with PP. Maybe a dermatologist would help but it might have something to do with your skin tone. I'm very fair and have light hair so it happens to me as well all the time. Try not to let it get to you and practice some breathing excersis to calm yourself down in the meantime.
  • Someone else had posted about this last week, I think, and they found that taking a Bendryl or other anti-histamine before a nerve-inducing event helped keep the redness at bay. Not sure they'll find this thread and comment, but you could ask your doctor if that might be an appropriate option for you.
  • OMG I have the SAME problem and keep saying that I will probably be a red blotchy mess at my wedding! I know I was for my prom, but that was many years ago! From what I've read, the most important thing is to try to calm yourself down because it's all nerve-related. (Easier said than done!) I know that once I start to feel that hotness/flush, I panic because I know I'm getting red, which then makes it worse! Try breathing exercises, and some people have recommended ice water too. I was considering the non-dowsy antihistamine but I'm not sure how it would react with alcohol, and for me that is a must have!
    I can totally relate girl! Good luck and hopefully we'll get through it and be non-blotchy brides!
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