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Help!!! I Need More Calories

I know this probably sound really silly or rather stupid but I really do need help adding calories to my daily diet. I've been using MFP for awhile but I've only used it steady this week and what I see is alarming. I take Adderall twice a day and due to that I have no desire to eat so I've always eaten what I "thought" was enough calories. Yesterday was the wake up call. I have added more food and snacks into my daily meals starting last Monday and I honestly thought I would be at or above 800 calories but I fell short at 644. The wake up call was seeing that the added snacks and side at lunch equalled 250 calories which I only added Monday and if I wouldn't have added them I would have eaten below 400 calories for the day! I honestly don't know what to do because I eat healthy and till I'm very satisfied but I just don't know how to add more healthy calories. What do you ladies think I should do to eat more calories or am I ok with how I'm eating?

Re: Help!!! I Need More Calories

  • This is not a healthy way of eating at all.

    I understand that this is a side effect of your medication, but this can have a serious impact on your health.  Now, if you were 200 calories or so short, I'd suggest some ways to boost your caloric intake in a healthful way without increasing the volume of what you're eating, but this is far past that.  I think you need to discuss this with your doctor and try to find a new medication.

    If you post some of the things you normally eat during the day, we'd be happy to make some suggestions of ways to increase you calories until you're able to see your doctor.

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  • jeebus...thats a scary low number to be getting.

    as PP said eventually getting some shakes in to up the calories may help but for right now you need to get to a doctor ASAP
    depending on how long this has been going on you could be putting so much stress on your body it will begin to shut down.

    I'm not kidding, this happened to a friend of mine with an ED, I am not saying you have an ED but her caloric intake was similar so it is possible that it could happen...

    I really mean it-Go to your doctors now! If you cant get in to a GP for a few days go to the hospital. this is REALLY serious.

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  • Wow - Maybe you should talk to your doctor? Like soup said, this could be putting major stress on your body. That isn't healthy at all.

    I usually have a hard time getting all my calories in so I supplement with a protein shake on work out days. That usually brings me up where I need to be and gives me the added protein, which I am always struggling to get.
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  • Thank you very much for responding! I have been to the doc lately and had the whole battery of test done including an endoscope, colonoscopy and CT scan. I'm actually rather healthy and full of energy all the time. I'm leaving the office now but I'll post some of what I eat when I get home!

  • Do they know what your caloric intake is, though? 

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  • J&K, I've never thought to tell them because my health issues have been life long issues (gluten free) and my caloric intake doesn't have any effect on it.
    Sorry to not post my meals sooner but wow was last weekend busy! This was last Thursday. Usually breakfast and lunch don't really change unless I run out of something or forget it. I have added the black beans to lunch and snacks which is new the last two weeks.

    Breakfast = 165 Calories
    Turkey Bacon 3 slices 105 calories
    100% Apple Juice 1 box 60 calories
    (usually I have 2 hard boiled egg whites too, 34 calories)

    Lunch = 280 Calories
    Boca Burger 170 Calories
    1/4 Cup Black Beans 50 Calories
    1/2 of  Single Serving Strawberry Greek Yogurt 60 Caories

    Snacks = 90 Calories
    15 Red Seedless Grapes 51 calories
    12 Bing Cherries 39 Calories

    Dinner = 196 Calories
    Grilled Chicken & Baby Spinach Salad (Subway) 130 Calories
    Fat Free Ranch 50 Calories
    4 Tomato Slices 16 Calories
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