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Workout Accountability: Monday

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!

Friday I managed to drag myself to the gym and get 15 minutes on the stairmaster and 35 minutes on the elliptical. Food was spot on.

Saturday I went to body pump and then did 35 minutes on the elliptical and 35 minutes on the treadmill. Food was cutting it close but still under.

Yesterday I did 45 minutes on the elliptical (was happy my husband actually tagged along!) and food was again cutting it close but I managed to stay under.

If I can keep my food in check today and get my steps in I will successfully meet the December challenge - we're so close to the end!

How'd everyone else do this weekend?

Re: Workout Accountability: Monday

  • My weekend was really quiet.  FI was out of town, so I had the weekend to myself.  I read a ton and watched wedding shows that I know FI hates. 

    Friday I ran three miles.  Saturday I ran three miles and lifted weights.  Sunday was a rest day.  Both of those runs were on a treadmill because of all the snow that we have been getting.  Today I am hoping to run 5+ miles outside.  I have the day off and it was the warmest day in the forecast so I saved my long run for today. 

    I can't believe it is the last day of the December challenge!  It went so quickly!  Is there going to be another challenge soon?
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  • I believe it was decided that we're going to do the challenges every month, there just won't be a prize component to future months. I don't know if Kwith is going to keep posting the google docs or if we will accomplish it some other way though.

    @Kwith - care to weigh in? :)
  • @Liatris & Clovester - Feel better you two!

    @Kwith - just an FYI, you could do each month as a new tab at the bottom of the googledoc (where it says Sheet 1, Sheet 2 can change the names to Dec. 2012, Jan. 2013 etc.). I would recommend not deleting the December stuff, but just create a new tab instead.

    I am likewise stuck at work today. I have enough stuff to keep me busy, but man would I rather be at home. My gym closes at 5pm today, so I won't get any body combat or gym workout in. Trying to make excuses to get up more throughout the day so I can get more steps though.
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    I'm positive they'll say we can go at 3pm, but at this point I need the money more than I need the 2 hours's gonna be a ghost town around here when 3 rolls around!
  • I don't work tomorrow - I'm a contractor so that's why it would be unpaid time if I left early today (salaried employees wouldn't be penalized and would still get their full paycheck).

    Corporate does close for major holidays (6 out of the whole year), so no one has to come in to CORPORATE tomorrow, but store level employees do have to work (sorry, that's what I meant by people always have to be working - we also don't get multiple days off for Christmas or Thanksgiving, just the actual holiday). I'm fortunate that my contracting company will still pay me for those 6 holidays, but that is the only "paid time off" I get.

    I am eager for the day I get hired in somewhere and actually get paid vacations - it's really hard to justify taking time off when I don't get paid for it!
  • Hope no one minds me joining in...

    So Saturday, I went jogging for the first time in almost 2 weeks and made the slight mistake of taking FI with me. He really wanted to go so I waited almost an hour for him to finish his game and get ready. Then, 1.25 miles in, he can't run anymore. *sigh* Ok, so we walk. At least I got to workout, walking is better than just sitting on the couch. What drives me absolutely crazy is that this is the same man who will kick my butt every time we run a 5k, even though he rarely trains (he won't do it by himself and he will workout with me once or twice in between 5k's and he can NEVER keep up with me). I love him, but jeeze that gets frustrating.

    As for food, I stayed within budget, but did have a couple beers Saturday night and a cookie or two... I know I can't deny myself completely of foods I love and shouldn't feel guilty since I stayed within my alloted calories for all days, but I've been having a little too much goodies during this holiday season.

    I'm at work today too and am a contractor like entropic (not for much longer though, they're working on converting me to actual employee right now yay!). I'm taking no work no pay for tomorrow since they really don't need me to help cover and I don't get holiday or vacation time as a contractor here. It gets busy every so often, but for the most part, it's dead today.
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  • Hey everyone - Happy New Year's Eve!

    Back at the elliptical yesterday and today - feels really good. I wish I could weigh myself though - my scale keeps telling me I'm gaining when all my clothes are loose and I'm seeing more definition in my stomach/legs. Frustrating! I tried to get a new scale today, but the hardware stores are closed (and I think they're the only place in town where I'd get a scale).

    Visit with DS was too fast. He was sick the whole time, so we didn't get to do as much visiting as I would have liked, and he didn't get out to do much, but I am so glad he was here. Watching him board the plane was even harder this time - it seems to get worse, not better. 

    Food's been good, even if on a weird schedule. I'm contemplating my resolutions (I always do a list and am usually good about keeping them), and have to formulate my list. Friends over for supper tonight, I'm making a pork tenderloin.

    Hope everyone has a good evening!
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  • I was totally right - they let everyone who wanted to leave at 3pm and I'm all by my lonesome at 4:30. I worked through lunch though so I'm going to take off now!

    Happy new year everyone!
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