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Getting in Shape

great workout to relieve wedding stress & tone!

my fiance has taught/practiced/etc MMA for quite a few years now and about 6 months ago i started messing around with him. it's an AWESOME work out to relieve stress and tone your body! not only are there so many different aspects and moves to learn that your body works new muscles constantly, but it's not too bad to roll around with your hunk :)

possible new years resolution for someone that has done the whole weight loss thing successfully, but now needs to gain some muscle. good luck!

It's for sure I'm gonna love you all the way. Frank Sinatra

Re: great workout to relieve wedding stress & tone!

  • I LOVE MMA! I do it 3 times per week! For me it has been one of the only things I have enjoyed as far as working out goes. I will think of ANY excuse to not go to the gym but since I started MMA (and also boxing) I love going to the gym and really look forward to it! I think there something about it that really boosts confidence!

  • What does MMA stand for? Sorry, feel a little stupid for not knowing....
  • edited December 2011
    Same here! It gets me all pumped up, I've actually mentioned a few times that I would like to do a fight, but the man won't have it haha. I'm thankful for that, chances are if I really did find a gym to fight in I'd chicken out at the last minute!

    MMA stands for mixed martial arts, don't feel stupid! Rent Warrior, it just came out on DVD, it's all about MMA and the guys aren't too bad to look at either :) haha
    It's for sure I'm gonna love you all the way. Frank Sinatra
  • Oooh fun! Thanks for the suggestion!
    June 16, 2012
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