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Hello ladies,

I was just wondering what time every one perfers the gym. I go at night but it's starting to wear me down. Does any one go in the morning before work or is it better after work?

Re: Gym time

  • I am sooo all over the place. I have more energy in the early evenings so I think I work harder then, but I like going in the morning to get things knocked out of the way. If I'm going for a run or going to just lift, it's probably around 1pm-ish. 
  • I would have to get up around 4:30 AM if I wanted to work out before work.  I just can not do that.  I like sleeping way too much.  Plus to get my 8 hours of sleep I would be going to bed at 8:30 at night, and I don't think I could handle that either.  So I go after work. 

    In the summer I sometimes switch my work schedule so that I go in later a couple days a week so that I can go for a run in the morning before it gets too hot out.  I'm not that good at doing this, usually I just end up sleeping in for an extra hour and then having to work out at night anyway.  In the summer on weekends I will run early to beat the heat. 
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  • I am not a morning person, so I work out at night. I usually get out of work at 5:30 and would get to the gym by 6:30, but lately I've been working through lunch and then leaving early so I can get to the gym even earlier...I've also learned to bring my gym clothes WITH me to work so I don't have to go home before going to the gym.

    If I could just randomly work out at any point during the day, I'd probably always choose 1-2pm..
  • I'm with the others. I've built it into my evening schedule during the week, but weekends vary. If I could only do it in the morning, it would never happen.
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  • 6:30 Crossfit class - usually Monday's and Wednesday's, sometimes Thursdays.
  • I go after work. I would love to go before work but I have 0 luck at waking myself up any earlier than I must be up for work :)
  • I go at 6am. Looks like I'm in the minority here. I hate feeling like my evenings are cut short. I go to bed early (because I like to) and the last thing I want to do at the end of the day when I pooped from work is go workout for an hour, then have to shower, still make and eat dinner. Shoot, it'd be my bedtime by then. I do go to spin in the evenings once or twice a week, but even that is a serious test of my will. 
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  • I'm not a morning person so I typically go around 5:30/6pm during the week, but late morning/early afternoon on weekends. My fiance doesn't go to the gym, and was missing me during the week so I made my weekly trainer workout on Thursday mornings because having to be accountable to someone is the only way I can wake up one second earlier than I would need to for work. I aim to work out every day knowing that there will be 1-2 days where that is just not possible.
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