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Favorite Paleo Recipes or Blogs?

I've been a competitive runner for years and have recently gotten into CrossFit, and have decided to start eating Paleo in 2013 as part of this new CF regimen (probably 80% Paleo, but will try for more, just don't want to be too restrictive, especially when traveling). I love, and recently found which is aweeeesome (and I think many of you ladies would like it!)  

Does anyone have favorite Paleo recipes or other blogs to share? I like things I can make in larger batches and aren't too complicated/time consuming. Doesn't have to be specifically Paleo as I know many recipes aren't advertised as such but certainly meet the qualities of Paleo because of the ingredients, like spaghetti squash "pasta". TIA!

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Re: Favorite Paleo Recipes or Blogs?

  • I love and There's lots of good stuff also on the blog (and forum!) Check out the MDA gazpacho recipe - it's one of my favourite things ever.
  • Thanks! looks good, and the owner of my gym likes, so I think this is a decent start.  As if cooking most of my meals wasn't hard enough, now I have to throw in the limitations of paleo :)  (But I think this will easily become a lifestyle change, and I figure after a month or so it will be habit).
  • Once you give up the gluten and sugar and get through the "carb flu" it's smooth sailing. And the longer you're Paleo the easier it gets, because your desire to eat non-Paleo foods diminishes over time. Good luck!
  • I had to tell FI that he's going to have to not eat all of my Paleo food--he eats a TON and we're both training for a May marathon right now, which means he's going to be eating everything in sight.  (Cooking for myself, I can make a recipe last a week...with him, it's gone, and quick.  He knows that if they are in individually-packed containers, that the food is off-limits to him.  If it's in a large tupperware, it's fair game).  I think I will miss pasta and bread, but I don't eat a ton of that anyways--I eat a lot of protein and veggies/fruit--so it shouldn't be too bad.  I'll still have some pasta or other carbs before really long runs (18+ miles) and before any half or full marathon races, but I'm not anticipating this being too much of an adjustment.

    Thanks for the encouragement, and words of wisdom!
  • You might find these an interesting read since you're a marathon runner, if you haven't come across them yet:

    Good luck fending FI off your food!
  • Hi all, if you are going to eat squash, which I love BTW, consider purchasing organic squash.  Squash is used as an intermediate crop on some farms, because it has the ability to "soak up" pesticides.  To lower your risk of pesticide exposure ask your produce person to direct you to the organic variety. 

    All the best

  • I always just google what I want to eat and add the word "Paleo" to it. Lol For example, "paleo pork chops" and tons of recipes will pop up!
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