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FI and I both trying to get healthy - longish

Cliff Notes - How are our choices so far?

We're both a bit new at this so I wanted to see if the choices we made we're okay so far. In the past FI and I have both been quite active. He was a USMC reservist and works a physical job. In college I danced 5 days a week and had very physical jobs as well (worked as a farmhand at a living history museum). We both ate like crap. After college I got a computer job for 8 hours a day and he has recently quit smoking (yay!) and gotten out of the marines. We both gained about 15-20lbs. I'm now 5'7" and 160. He's 5'10"" and 190. We've both been unhappy for awhile so the wedding was our kick in the pants. We have 9 months and we want to make lifestyle changes and be healthy more than a drastic diet. A day for us looks like

Breakfast - Smoothie w/ plain greek yogurt, oj and frozen fruit, multigrain bagel w 1oz peanut butter, cheerios and 2% milk, or a cliff bar. on weekends usually low fat eggos or scrambled eggs

Lunch - Salad w chicken, grilled cheese on whole wheat, soup, or half a turkey wrap (this is from my work's cafe, trying to make better choices there because its actually less $ than bringing) and he brings a sandwich on wheat with chips

Dinner - Grilled, baked, or boiled chicken or fish, grilled or pan fried steak (use olive oil spray), baked veggies, side salad, fajitas with lowfat cheese & sour cream, 

Snacks - (me only)  walnuts, chobani (plain w fruit or vanilla w fruit), chewy granola bars, whole wheat goldfish, light & fit yogurt & when I have stressful calls I sometimes have dreamy clusters chocolates

For exercise I've started going to the gym 3-4 times a week in the AM and do weight training for either arms or legs and about 30-40 minutes of cardio. I try to do 30 Day Shred at least twice a week. He works as a lineman for elec co. and a part time roofer and has started p90x

What do you ladies think so far? 

Re: FI and I both trying to get healthy - longish

  • Your food choices look reasonable. It's great to hear that you're looking for a lifestyle change, not some drastic diet. Especially since, at 5'7, you don't have a TON to lose. 
    There is a sticky at the top of this forum with a ton of great start-out information like food-logging, but my thoughts are...

    I would first make the transition to clean eating. It looks like you're pretty darn close, so it shouldn't be a horrible move for you :) 

    Something to consider.. if you are a more built girl (no, I don't mean fat or husky.. just.. built. I know I am. I'm very fit, but I have broad shoulders and very much an hourglass figure) all that dairy may be working against you. Women tend to be more sensitive to dairy when it comes to bloating and weight control. 
    You seem to be taking in a LOT of dairy.. I would cut it down to once or twice a day. I definitely am not saying to cut it out completely! nonfat greek yogurt is great for ya. bu cutting back a little may really benefit your weight loss... something to maybe play with. Each bod is different! 
    Also, something to consider... Studies show that eating vegetarian 3-4 times a week (ie, cut out the chicken/steak and even fish for a couple-few days a week) help with metabolism, weight loss, cholesterol control, etc. That's another thing to mess with... 
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    I'm going to ditto keeping track of your food/exercise thru something like

    What you're choosing to eat may be healthy, but if you're over or undereating, you're not going to see the progress that you want to.
  • Thanks! I forgot to add that I'm still obsessed with diet soday but I've cut down to one in the morning and one at night. In between I try to drink water or sometimes I mix lemonade and soda water. Its hard, my company has free fountain soda and 5 cent cans. 

    I'll take a look at my dairy intake. I'm terrified of osteoporosis because my grandmother had it very, very bad so I know I overdo it. I'm working on introducing more veggies and have started doing stirfry with about half the meat I used to put into it. I've also always tried to buy lean meats and skinless chicken. My mom gets so frustrated when I cook for her because I use 93/7 or higher ground beef!

    I have been tracking my intake on my fitness pal for about a month or too. i find it really helpful and was definitely overeating in the beginning. the calorie goal it set for me for 1lb loss a week was 1360 which I find a bit hard to meet but I'm trying. Since i started reading here I've kept an eye on net calories and sugars too. 
  • Calcium from dairy can actually leech the calcium from your bones making them weaker and more brittle. Try spinach and other green leafy vegetables and soy/almond milk. Lots of calcium! And plant based. 
  • In Response to <a href="">Re: FI and I both trying to get healthy - longish</a>:
    [QUOTE]Calcium from dairy can actually leech the calcium from your bones making them weaker and more brittle. Try spinach and other green leafy vegetables and soy/almond milk. Lots of calcium! And plant based. 
    Posted by kfritz36[/QUOTE]<div>
    </div><div>Bingo! </div><div>
    </div><div>It's a common misconception that women think the only way they can get a ton of calcium is through dairy. (and we all know that as women, we're told over and over and over again to keep our calcium up. UGH!) </div><div>
    </div><div>Soda.. yeeeeaaaahhhh... I have no comment on that one.. Soap box me says GROSS EW NASTY DON"T TOUCHT HAT GARBAGE!!!!! buuuut I realize it's a little more complicated than that ;) haha.. I used to drink about 6 diet pepsis a day all through high school so I understand the addiction. </div><div>
    </div><div>I agree that over/under eating could become an issue for you. Make sure you're hitting at LEAST that 1,300 mark each day, and that's NET. So if you work out, you should be eating more! 

  • Careful with the amount of carbs you are consumming. Also sounds like some processed foods there. Keep it simple and try 4 meals a day instead of snacking. And FI should ditch the chips.
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