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7 months pregnant

I want to stay in shape while Im pregnant and mainly want to focus on my upper body since I will be 7 months pregant for our wedding! Any tips would be helpful with a good work out routine that will work out my upper body.

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  • Well, you should start with discussing with your doctor what's appropriate and what's not.

    Then, it's important to remember that "eating for two" is not an excuse to go buck wild and eat everything in sight.  People that continue to eat mostly healthfully and reasonably (but adhere to the changing nutrititional requirements for pregnancy, of course) tend to feel better and lose the weight post baby more easily.

    With all that said, I commend you for wanting to continue an exercise routine while you're pregnant.  That's great!  There are many great sites with good weight routines.  One of my favorite bloggers,, just had a baby and wrote a good amount on eating and exercising while pregnant.  She also has all sorts of workouts posted on her blog. 

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  • Agree with PP - talk to the doctor to see what is best for you, and remember that eating for two can be done in a healthy manner (and not in a pint of Ben&Jerry's).
    If you do get cleared for lots of activity - one of the class instructors at our gym did weights a few times a week and was on the crosstrainer nearly every day.  I forgot she even had a baby when she came back to the gym a bit later because she looked so good.  However, no matter what you do, continuing to do something will make it easier to get back to the gym afterward.
  • As PPs mentioned, talk to your doctor first!

    Just a few guidelines though.. while working out when pregnant, you should still be able to talk so nothing that puts you too out of breath. As far as caloric intake, you only need an additional 300 calories per day (not a second person's worth).

    Good luck, and congrats on the pregnancy!
  • Try posting this on those ladies may have specific recommendations and they're very helpful!
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  • Agree with PP. 
    How active have you been when NOT pregnant? I have heard that one of the biggest preg. mistakes is an inactive person deciding that now that they're pregnant they want to be active.. It's a big change for your bod on top of the big change of pregnancy. 
    When you talk with your doctor, ask him/her how high intensity you can do based on how fit you already have and what kind of lifting (upper, lower, heavy, light, etc) you are "allowed" to do , and then you can find plans that work around those guidelines/restrictions. 

    Definitely check out The Bump. They might be a little more helpful than us :o
  • thanks guys! i know a lot of it is a big diet change...trying to eat as healthy as possible!
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