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Cashews vs. Almonds

I bought mixed nuts for the first time in approximately ever, and FI and I both devoured the cashews and almonds and left the peanuts, pecans, and brazil nuts. So rather than do that again, I'm going for just cashews or almonds. I know almonds have a lot of hype with being a superfood and all, but what's the story on cashews (other than being delectable)? Worth it or should I just stick with the almonds?

Re: Cashews vs. Almonds

  • Cashews are good for you too, I think. They contain a good amount of copper and magnesium, and are a good source of monounsaturated fats. They are nutritionally dense (read: high fat/calorie) but eating them in moderation is a good thing. (Actually, I think cashews are relatively low-fat, compared to other nuts.)

    It's recommended that you not go over 10 mg of copper per day, but you'd have to eat more than three cups of cashews to do that.

    Anyway: my point is I think it's fine to eat cashews instead of/in addition to almonds, but as with everything, "in moderation" is best.
  • Before you go crazy with the nuts (no pun intended), you should be aware of the high calorie count.  One ounce of cashews has 162 calories and and one ounce of almonds has 169.  That's about 7 calories for every one of those you eat.  That can add up very quickly.  You should really not be eating more than a hand full a day as a snack if you are watching your weight.  Just because something is "good for you" doesn't mean it can't have consequences.
  • Yes they both are healthy for you. With that being said it all depends on how they are prepared. Just try to stick with natural ones nothing with too much salt or toasted in oil.
    Also watch how much you are eating just like the other poster said there are tonnes of calories in them with very small portion. 
  • mmmmm.... cashews.  I've avoided them because I thought they were bad for you (too much fat or something, I dunno) and now I'm mad at myself!

  • I watch calories like it's my job, so trust me - I'm well aware that one serving of almonds is 170 calories. :-) I should have said we devoured the almonds and cashews over a week (just realized I made it sound like they were gone within 5 seconds of opening the can). Anyway. . .thanks for the cashew info, ladies!
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