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Joining a gym?

Hello, I just got engaged on Christmas and have been trying to get in shape for the big day (in September)  I started to work out at home to fitness dvd's but I only do it 1-2 days a week so I'm not sure if it's helping.

As an adult I've never joined a gym, but I'm thinking that might be a good idea to get me to work out more often and more intense workouts.  I've even seen that they have fitness Zumba classes which look like a fun way to work out.

Do you think joining a gym would be a good step towards committing to getting in shape? 
Does anybody have anything that helps them with their motivation?

Thanks, any advice is definitely appreciated!

Re: Joining a gym?

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    Going to the gym is my motivation. I definitely slack when I work out at home. The atmosphere of a gym revs me up, personally. Joining is a great idea. Make sure you a check a few out first and get a feel for each one. Finding a gym you like is important, otherwise you'll end up not going. Make sure the cost is something you're willing to pay and find out exactly what it covers. For example, $10 per month gets you a Planet Fitness membership, but it's just a gym and tanning. No classes, which are also a great idea (and I assume you want since you mentioned Zumba) as they come with some degree of accountability too.

    For my own motivation, I run races. And I sign up for them as far in advance as humanly possible. I signed up for my first summer race for 2013 back in December. It forces me to go workout because I always have the reminder of a looming race quickly approaching. 

    Also, feel free to join in the daily accountability thread here to help keep yourself motivated. It is a big help!
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  • I'm with cnf on her thoughts on the classes and accountability, too.  

    Do you have any friends with gym memberships that allow guests?  If so, see if you could be a guest for the day, and check it out.  Or just go for walk-throughs/trials at different gyms.  I love the gym, but I know others who hate it and pay for memberships they never use, or only go when they can get a friend to go.
    So my advice would be to test the water with classes, free weights, personal training, etc and see what gets you excited to step up your workouts.
  • Yup. 
    Agreed with cnf. 
    Joining a gym pushed me into my health and fitness kick. Haven't looked back since! 
    I LOOOOVE Group X classes. THat's what made me fall in love with exercise. It's now PAINFUL for me to take a rest day! 

    Most gyms offer a week free pass. Go ask about it. It helps you get a feel for the gym and helps you decide if it's "right" for you. If you can see yourself working out there. :) 
  • Wow thanks for your guys' posts, you have confirmed my decision to give the gym a go.   The one I have been eyeballing does have a 7 day trial period.  I always have an excuse, there's no time, I get off late from work, etc.  But if there's ever a time to get in shape, its now!
    PS Thanks for the accountability suggestion!
  • Congrats!  Best Wishes. 

    I have a membership with two gyms Fitness Together and The Rush but, the "The Rush" is only in a few states but, Fitness Together is in a quite a few states and they offer one on one private training session to help you to achieve your goal like in four to six weeks. I hope this helps.
  • Hi!  I just wanted to thank everybody again for their responses,  my apartment has a gym and this is my second day going.  I know its too soon to feel any real sort of difference but i swear i already feel like i have more energy!
    Thanks again!
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